By the Blackest Moon

I’m very pleased to announce (at long last) my graphic novel Serial Artist is finally now also available on the ComiXology platform. Sink or swim, love it or hate it, in this venue Serial Artist can finally be “cast in amber” and set on the shelf for all time.


Adventure Hook Episode 29: Full Disclosure

Today’s Hook: GM’s Choice! And this time the choice was to delve into one of America’s most potent modern mythologies… the Conspiracy Theory.


Blackspire Season 2: Teaser #3 (S02T03)

Please enjoy some excerpts from the Patreon-exclusive episode:
White Hydra Side Sessions: A Temple, a Theater & a College!



This week boasted a number of interesting, fun, and (likely quite) memorable moments, and the seeds of a number of new things have perhaps been planted as well…


Blackspire Season 2: Teaser #2 (S02T02)

Please enjoy PART 1 of some excerpts from the Patreon-exclusive episode: Reservations at Mynphauna’s Reserve


Things are Abundantly Clear(er)…

The idea behind this scenario was to use the Adventure Hook show as a platform for a sort of predictive programming… and through the lens of an RPG campaign world that was comprised of all of the most bizarre conspiracy theories ever claimed… manage to demonstrate how all of them still logically connect.


To Baator and Back 07: The Stepping Stones of Good Intentions

In the final installment of this classic Planescape adventure, our characters face a series of terrifying challenges, each more horrific than the last… all in the desperate hope that they might finally escape from the plane of Baator and perhaps even one day to find a portal that will eventually lead them back to their home world. But, how many more of their dwindling numbers will the Nine Hells ultimately claim before they even have a prayer of safely setting foot upon the streets of Sigil: the City of Doors…? Abandon all hope, ye who exit here.


Blackspire Season 2: Teaser #1 (S02T01)

Please enjoy some excerpts from the Patreon-exclusive episode:
Season 2 – Character Backgrounds: Meet Claerydia!


Progression Towards Progressing Progress (Progressively)…

This week I was also pleased to be invited to GM a game at the RPG Baltimore gaming convention being held next weekend. I’ve been teasing Jenny about running a session for her concerning her character’s initiation into the Cult of the Spire, and so the one-shot I’m putting together will play through that very scenario, but with the help of other thinking players driving it (which will feel way more authentic for what that stuff is all about).


To Baator and Back 06: The Sins of the Father and his Prodigal Son…

In the penultimate installment of this classic Planescape adventure, our characters set forth with the new knowledge that they have obtained concerning the method and means to finally facilitate their escape from the dreaded plane of Baator. But… will they be able to find their way safely along the river Styx, or will the horrific denizens of the Nine Hells prove to be their final undoing?