Blackspire Season 0: To Baator and Back #2: Hellbound & Down

In the second installment of this classic Planescape adventure, our characters find themselves in the horrific plane of Baator… yet this bunch of clueless primes still somehow manages to bring the adversarial relationships of their home world right along with them… to the very Nine Hells themselves…


Jenaissance Faire: Part 2

So this week did play host to a few landmark events, I’d say. While we still felt the rumblings of the so-called “month of rescheduling” I do feel like things are gettingRead More…


Blackspire Season 0: To Baator and Back #1: Paradise Lost & Found

Red Moon Roleplaying in association with the Adventure Hook podcast proudly present a Blackspire Studios rendition of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition classic Planescape adventure “To Baator & Back”… which we’ve humbly subtitled: “Hell is Other People”.


Where’d That Pesky Time Go..?

Whether it’s a True Detective inspired Southern Gothic-style the Crucible meets Cthulhu or an 80’s satanic panic kids on bikes-style Willy Wonka meets Halloween III, you’re in for the most nightmarish of mashup episodes imaginable. But, then again… too much additional explanation here simply risks spoiling the show.