Depth of My Prep

I’ve busied myself this week in preparation for the next two Blackspire games I’ll be running/recording in the next few days. One scenario will use a custom game mechanic I’ve been playing around with to “render” and populate random city streets with obstacles and undead baddies…


Blackspire Season 2: Teaser #14 (S02T14)

TEASER #14: Please enjoy PART 1 of some excerpts from the Patreon-exclusive episodes: Gone Fishin’: Parts 1 – 4. After the epic assassination attempt of the beholder Count Zarathusa, the White Hydra Mercenaries scramble to keep their very lives… and still try to turn a profit in the bargain… Plus: enjoy a brief Blackspire ecology lesson on the nature of consciousness as it relates to petrification.