In the early afternoon, I had my second call with a female candidate for the position of Man of Earth Delegate. I enjoy these opportunities to meet and talk with other Thelemites from around the country, and this call was a fine example of just that.

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I also found this Sister to be well qualified for the position, and indeed after conducting these interviews, I now have two new and interesting Facebook friends. We ended up getting a little more philosophical on this call when compared to my previous one yesterday, but that seemed to be the way we both liked it.

Though again, I won’t discuss details of this call outside the nominating panel, the two of us also did end up finding some common ground over some less-than-desirable patterns we’ve noticed in our respective local bodies. The details of this discussion I won’t be sharing with the panel either, but it appears this well-traveled Sister might be able to attend an event at WBL in August, and I look forward to the potential opportunity of meeting her in person.

Our circle of friends are all abuzz, trading texts and emails and discussing magick for hours on end with each other. For myself today however, I still had the HGA on the brain all day, and made two different attempts to make myself open to communication. This was simple meditation stuff, I wasn’t interested in doing some big elaborate ritual (at least not yet), but I began first by doodling in my journal, trying to find new ways to sigilize his name, though I’m still not really sure why… I felt like I needed to, so I did. I actually felt the impulse a few times before I finally had an idea of where to start…


I then fired up my charcoal incense burner, turned out the studio lights, lit a purple candle anointed top-to-bottom with Abramelin oil, threw in some resin incense I like called “Pontiff” (from CCC), laid back in my neck brace, put in my earbuds with my binaural playlist, focused on my third eye and tried to listen…

Jenny woke me up about an hour later. I’d fallen asleep. Today, I guess I lack focus… or sleep.

My second attempt was later in the bedroom, where I ignored that other stuff, and just tried to practice the astral techniques that Soror Sekhmet had shown me. I gave it a good hour, and at some point it felt like someone invisible actually kicked the back of my leg… just as my mind had once again gone wandering and I forgot I was looking for the Magician. I took this as the Astral equivalent of a wrap on the knuckles for dozing off in class…

While I still feel like I’m getting closer with this whole process, today once again proved fruitless. However, I do seem to be getting pretty strong validation of my lack of success, it seems. How embarrassing…

I know I’m getting in my own way with this technique, but how I still haven’t come to understand yet.


Thursday 6/23/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Aquarius-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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