Jenny’s big important meeting today seems like it worked out exactly how it needed to. I sincerely hope things are smoothing out in that department, and she can finally focus on what she needs to be focusing on.

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However, I received a huge rush of inspiration today concerning Aaron‘s game, and the things we’ve been brainstorming about, and I, on a cosmic scale, have figured out how everything (and I do mean everything) ties together. It was such a creative rush, I’m almost worried I might be “right” about a few of these gaming/real world correspondences the same way I seem to have been when working on the Reliquum world. In either respect, I think it’s cool, so we’ll have a call about it tomorrow, and I hope to blow his mind a bit…


I’m also still dry-brushing out the “wooden” sections of my City Builder set. I plan to paint the “plaster” sections in a ocher or yellowish-white, and blend them all together in a brown wash.


I’m also having fun knocking out a bunch of other pieces, some for the city pieces, and others were from other sets. I particularly like those little “torch” bases, complete with a little light-up torch that actually flickers. I turned two one so you can see the difference.


I also had fun dry-brushing the hell out of these little barrels, crates, and other furniture pieces I had that were basically half-finished. Still have a bunch of wall pieces to finish, but this is coming along…


Friday 5/13/16-

Sun: Taurus-

Moon: Leo-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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