“By waning moon in water placed, and by dissolution e’er erased.”

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These were words from a spell I’d written in my original draft of the Thelemic Tea Ceremony. They were spoken over a piece of “banishing soap” during the evening of the group ritual the Temple of the Western Gate crew performed back in February. On this shard of soap I’d written a word of a character trait of mine that I enjoy, but that no longer serves me, and it’s a word I’ve shared with only one other magician (and even then I’d only used it as an example when making suggestions to someone else who was struggling with their own word that night). The moon had been waxing the night of the ritual, so I waited for the first evening of the waning moon, and then submerged the soap in a water filled jar with an airtight lid. The soap really only took a couple of weeks to fully dissolve, but for “some reason” (the word itself) I chose not to dump the water out off my property, and instead kept the jar (more or less hidden) ever since. The day I (I guess “accidentally”) bumped into it, and it made my hand go completely numb, I knew it was time to finally get rid of it, and my HGA willing, what it actually represents…

Last night was the first night of the waning moon, and so I took the jar out at the dead of night to a storm drain in the alley behind my house (but off my land) and upon repeating the spell (and with a banishing earth pentacle over top) dumped that nasty shit into the sewer. It was trash night, so the jar (and whatever lingering whatevers) went with the rest of the garbage just a few hours later. This morning, I don’t know if it was my finally taking the initiative to complete that ritual, or if it’s because Mercury has now left retrograde and is once again direct, but I feel a real shift happening. It probably didn’t hurt that I did a little smudging today as well…


I can’t say I’m suddenly and completely a new man, but I did a few little things throughout the day today that normally I’d have ignored (to my own detriment) so regardless it’s a positive.

I also decided, with a month to go until the ritual, it was time to finish up the charging container for the water we’ll be using for the Solstice Ritual. As mutual Abundance has always been my intention for this operation, I’ve actually had this bottle of (Fiji) water charging with a few gemstones of citrine in my studio for a few months now. However, today I felt it was time to knock this off my list and still give it time to work its mojo… so I stripped off the bottle’s label and cleared the glue residue with some handy adhesive remover. I then added some gemstones of tiger’s eye, sun agate, and ruby (some from Turning Wheel, some from CCC) and then wrote all along the side of the bottle the words which best exemplify the power we hope to raise and imbibe during the Tea Ceremony portion of the ritual… topping it off with my sigil of Infinite Fraternal Success (and all the intention that goes along with doing all of this).


Abundance Water

If that seems just a bit too simple, I invite you to take just 10 minutes and watch this interview with the late visionary scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto. Then, if you’re anything like me, you’ll Google his name and fall down that rabbit hole the same way I did a year or so ago… and afterwards you won’t look at matter the same way again.

I’d originally scheduled to meet with Soror Q.I.P. this evening to discuss and practice her and Jenny’s role in the Solstice ritual, but things didn’t work out as planned, so instead she and I had a nice long chat on the phone, and we actually talked about all kinds of stuff… magick, art, and otherwise… and have opted to move our in person meeting at her place to next Monday.

Oddly enough, this allowed me to make the first online conference call with the O.T.O. Men of Earth Representatives panel under the new Chairperson, which otherwise I’d been unable to make due to my prior commitment. Though I’m not a liberty to discuss anything we talked about, I can say I am pleased to see that many of my suggestions from the past are now being championed by other people. I’m certainly glad I was able to participate this time, and it looks like we are planning for this to be a far more regular event. The deadline for new applicants for this round of Delegate selection is June 1st, and so I’ve reached out to a few qualifying folks I know at Lodge to encourage them to submit.


Monday 5/23/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Sagittarius-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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