With the full moon upon us I performed the monthly Abundance ritual, and reflecting on the previous months and the busy schedule for the month ahead we certainly maintain an Abundance of friends at any rate…

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The remaining weeks this month promises a (semi) surprise visit from our old friend Rick, who’s back in town again to wrap up more Baltimore business, and the new living room set we got this month should prove quite fitting for hosting many a couch-surfer friend to come. We’ll be having friends over for dinner, meeting some others for events, and of course there are more Blackspire games to run as well…

But, as for the past two weeks since the new moon, I wrapped up the final edits for Adventure Hook: Ep 39 which was our second historic critical fail episode. We took the tired trope of an invading army of humanoids, and breathed some fresh life into it by re-imagining just such an incursion occurring in a fey-touched Romano-Briton setting.

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While (arguably) I think the show note I wrote for the episode might make the episode sound a bit more “magical” than the focus actually was, I think the promo art I whipped up for it conveys the major theme of the show just fine… though admittedly it was a weird one.

I also attended January’s get together of the Flagons & Dragons gaming meet-up, and while none of my own Blackspire players could make it this time, I wound up running the Initiation to the Cult of the Spire adventure for a handful of brand new players which is specifically designed to introduce people to that universe. Overall it was a pretty straight-forward game that everyone seemed to enjoy, and hopefully we made a few new Blackspire fans in the process.

And on that note, I also wrapped up the final edits and have the posts scheduled for the Season Two teasers all the way through #27 (which gets me through the first week of March). Already two are live as of this post (like I said last post, I’d run out of lead time) and they both are fun little teasers to both immerse the listener and bring them into our world, while at the same time pointing out you’re still clearly missing out on some of the best bits… namely where things go after their set up…

And on an even finer note, we also got together this week to play through the third installment of the story-line entitled “Harvesting Gold”, and though we didn’t get nearly as far along as I’d hoped, as the guys prompted another combat scenario, and the random rolls turned up a lot of baddies (see below)… Thought that gaming session was all essentially one long combat, regardless it was an exciting one, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, dig using miniatures combined with Pathfinder’s vehicle rules, and they’re still liking the dice matrix I came up with to “render” each environment (as do I)…

A group of shadows, a swarm of undead gargoyles leading a pack of zombies, a pair of Harbinger knights, and the lonely skeletal druid Curse… all that and more were randomly generated by our dice…
G’eldatar drives his alchemical wagon through the breech as Maelik Kileam prepares to jump on his new magic carpet as the nightmare-pulled chariot carrying”Piss Pot” Peggy and Jolly Paul tangles with the Harbinger Knights. Meanwhile, Stormtooth almost dies as he finds himself swarmed by shadows

And my YouTube channel hit 1212 on 02/02/2020 which also marked my participation in another 144K mass meditation (which was also the 33 day of the year, leaving 333 days remaining in the year) and with so much to look forward to in the days, weeks, and months to come we look to have an Abundant year in store, indeed…

And what better way to feel that way, than by enjoying a small feast of various meats, cheeses, and assorted goodies…

another epic meat and cheese spread

Good stuff…


Sunday 2/9/2020-

Sun: Aquarius–

Moon: Leo (Full)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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