This three day weekend couldn’t come fast enough, and I had our latest Pathfinder game with the B.R.U.W. crew to look forward to tonight. Though sadly, the Baltimore Role-players Unite Weekly haven’t been able to meet up as much frequency as we used to…

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Still, I do always enjoy playing one of my paladin Jaenos Makyrie’s many incarnations (long story), and so after work and before the game, I put a few more touches to Thokk to get him prepped for what I expected to be quite a bloody battle-mat this evening fighting at Sir Jaenos’s side…

I hit the sand, the leathers, and the furs of the figure with various washes, but mostly just wanted to get the sword generally presentable.

For the weapon and attached chain, I’d begun with Citadel’s Tin Bitz, hit it with a layer of Argax Earthshade, then dry-brushed on a layer of Dwarf Bronze, and then over that a layer of Gryphon Gold at the “sharpest” edges and points. I also hit the steel pieces of the armor with a light dry-brushing of Vallejo Silver, which I typically only end up using as a highest highlight on a miniature. The color is very bright and opaque, and a little goes a long way on anything much darker than it…


At this point the Thokk figure is probably in the 90th percentile of completion, so good enough for now, I packed up all my soldiers and my books in the car, picked up some of my fellow gamers and headed over to our GM’s house.

While, I’m usually the one who demands a fair amount of nuance from my RPG experiences, sometimes it’s fun to have a night where you worry about that stuff a little bit less, and just run some hack & slash encounters… and our GM had just such an adventure planned for us tonight. We ended up running a series of combats, each progressively harder than the last… against various varieties of (diseased) giant spiders that had infested a nearby woods inside our kingdom.

Fireballs were dispensed with impunity… Enemy critical failures were at something of a record high… Every PC had his or her chance to shine in combat and kick some ass… And we still have the “boss” fight to look forward to when we play again on the 15th…

Old skool fun stuff.


Friday 7/1/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Taurus-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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