I tried to get a few things going today… To start with, I added a second layer to the d20 mold, and once this sets I think I’ll be able to free it.

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But even the City Builder pieces weren’t scratching my recent miniature-painting itch, so I’ve decided to work on some of the figures I’ve been meaning to do for the B.R.U.W. gaming group. To start with my friend Garrett’s character, the dwarven dhampir Grimm Hollowstone needed some fixes (his flaming shoulders and Keg of Healing had come off “in battle” on the tabletop, so I fixed him up, retouched the paint job, and shot him atop one of those light-up torch bases from the Dwarven Forge guy’s City Builder set.


I then started to work on the patches of blue on Squire Battleborn (my character’s troll cohort) and on my friend Dawn’s pony character Tierestra. As both characters have an interest in the cult of the Order of Blue Flame, I figured thematically at least I’d use the same blue. Also, as Battleborn only uses his teeth and claws, I’d cut off the large battleaxe the figure was originally holding, but his hand looks awkward so I’ll have him holding something soon.


I now start shading the blue areas with a blue wash, and use a thinned down version of the same on the pony’s white areas. I’ve also added a chain to the troll’s hand. I’d taken some bits from one of the sprues from my Bretonnian Battlion boxed set, as it matched somewhat my original description of the masterwork manacles my character had fashioned in game. We’ve also recently indroduced an anti-slavery policy in our kingdom, and so perhaps these are the manacles of someone just freed… anyway…


Now, I start in with some white highlights on those white areas, and I’m trying to create a leather-like texture, as Tierestra wears leather barding.


I then start pulling out some light blue highlights on the blue areas as well. Also, as she’s an adventurer, she’s going to need some saddlebags to carry around her gear (and loot!) so I attached some to each side. I also included a hand-shaped amulet about her neck, as she utilized a magic item called the Hand of the Mage, which gives her an invisible hand of force she can use to open doors and other tasks that usually require thumbs.


Here’s the other saddlebag I’ve put on the opposite side. This one is actually from a random Space Marine set I acquired somewhere along the line, but for fantasy purposes it works just fine…




Wednesday 5/25/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Capricorn-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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