I couldn’t wait any longer and today removed the orgonite headpiece I’d cast for my Fire Wand. I’ve had this in the planning for so long, I knew it was never going to live up to my imagination, but that aside I’m still actually quite pleased with the final results.

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6_11_16_A 6_11_16_B

As you can see, the flame tongue shape refers to the shape of a scorpion’s stinger (or Scorpio’s creative power). Now while the color gradient from red to orange isn’t what I’d been hoping for (as I’d hoped it’d turn out a bit more like the pillars) still there’s still a bit of the orange coming through at the base, and the caduceus within is everything I’d hoped it could be.

6_11_16_C 6_11_16_D

The epoxy shrinkage did not leave this project completely untouched (top and bottom mostly), as the perfect pentagonal base isn’t quite so perfect. I’d also hoped a bit more of the metal bits would have made it into the stinger, and even more get would get stuck in the coils of the snakes, but the way they collect up by the cobras’ heads around the ruby crystal is pretty cool. What is a bit dismaying is the silver magnet somehow found its way out of the stinger’s tip and is sticking sideways out of the tip outwards from the crystal. It is right on the tip of one of the snake’s noses, so who knows, maybe the gods wanted it there. But… since the north pole of the magnet is facing outwards (if not somewhat off center) I’m going to say close enough

Now, energetically speaking, this thing is something else, and even holding it inside my crown chakra gets me buzzing in under a minute. The effect is doubled when I turn the stinger point downwards into the chakra. The sensation is unmistakable to me. I think I’ve made something kinda special here, certainly the most powerful magickal item I’ve made to date.


Of course, even the minimal resin shrinkage to the headpiece means I reluctantly have to bore the magnet’s hole in the wand’s tip deeper, sand it out wider again, and drill the middle and support holes deeper a second time. I was so close to the end I really didn’t want to risk messing it up, so I was extra careful…


…and voila the piece fits nice and snug. So, I mixed up some epoxy, and attached the bottom magnet to the copper nail I put in the center shaft, connecting all the component pieces (on many levels).


But… I made the mistake of pulling the headpiece off before the epoxy had fully set, and the bottom magnet came off with the orgonite… which I at least took to be a good sign the magnets have a strong ass bond. Still, I skipped resetting it for now to work on my orgonite “ladder” running up the wand.

I drilled out the holes (clockwise) to ensure that the copper nails that go within them will be able to slide in with minimal effort. The nails are to be coated with epoxy and placed in the holes (creating an orgonite “Jacob’s Ladder” kind of like a DNA strand) so I didn’t want to risk one getting stuck half-way, bending a nail, or damaging the wand’s wood and so made sure the nails would slide in most of the way on there own. Then one by one I coated them in epoxy and used my (grandfather’s) old tack hammer to gently work the nails in the last half inch or so.


I then re-glued the magnet and central orgonite spike, and this time put a wooden stick between the magnets first, in case I needed to pull it off early again for some reason… then the bottom magnet could be held in place and not move… and left it to set for reals this time.


And that did it, checking a little over an hour later (better safe than sorry) I could pull the head off and on with minimal effort, and the magnets even make a satisfying click when they connect. So… I rubbed the entire Fire Wand (clockwise and top-to-bottom) with Oil of Abramelin, and once that had some time to soak in, I gave the whole thing a healthy coat of polyurethane and saw I had just enough time to get where I was going while still being fashionably (not yet rudely) late..


So, it was off to William Blake Lodge for the installation of our new Body Master Stephanie Olmstead-Dean, who will be WBL’s 5th leader since its inception by (gaming legend) Paul Hume in 1992. The installation ritual was actually written by by a fellow sister of the Lodge and Paul was actually on hand to share some advice with Stephanie, but my favorite part was actually seeing him open the temple with the Star Ruby ritual. There’s more that happened, and even more impressions I could probably share, but I’ll not actually comment more than that here.


My real goal that night was to nail down a participant to fulfill the role of Archangel Michael for my Solstice ritual on the 18th, and after some more juggling (and at Soror Q.I.P’s advice, even went alone into the temple briefly to meditate) have settled on the ever-enthusiastic Jack ‘O the Green to take on the role. I’ve sent him the ritual, and will touch base with him soon to work out a time to do some rehearsal with him. Jack is great, and he’s been wanting to do more ritual work, so this should all work out for the best… but honestly at this point I’d have settled for almost anyone with a pulse, so long as they could speak loud enough to be heard in the temple space. By comparison, this is much better…

I was also entrusted with a copy of the Minerval Initiation Ceremony, which I’ll be fulfilling a role for on August 13th. I am forbidden to share or make copies of the ritual, and must return my own copy eventually. But, keeping a secret a secret is what makes it sacred, so I will be sure to hold to my part in that.

But the plan now for the Solstice team is to skip Sunday’s rehearsal and on the day of the ritual to all meet at Lodge early (a few hours before the monthly business meeting) and run through it as a group a few times, so it’ll all be fresh in our minds before we perform it that evening. It’ll work. So mote it be.


Saturday 6/11/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Virgo-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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