My sister and her husband had moved to DC recently, so it was decided she’d break in her new place by hosting Thanksgiving this year. However, we learned shortly after arriving that their house had been robbed mere moments before getting there.

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So, it left us all feeling a little less than grateful (particularly since this had been their second burglary in two months), but I was still glad to spend some time with them, regardless of circumstances…

Anyway, I said I’d post some images from our recent B.R.U.W. games, so here is a summary of those various sessions over the past few months…

Our heroes set forth to investigate (and ultimately cleanse) the corruption of the Tormite paladin stronghold of Fort Morninglord.


Pictured from left to right (in our “chess” configuration) are Terry the human barbarian, Grimm Hollowstone the dwarven dhampir mystic theurge, Gregor the half-elf ranger/druid (with Sanhuar his phoenix companion), Squire Trahaern Battleborn the troll monk (and Jaenos’s cohort), Sir Jaenos Makyrie the human paladin of Tyr, Tierestra the spell-plagued pony monk, Vignia the gnome witch (with Edgar her raven familiar), an NPC paladin of Torm (whose name I forget), and finally Thokk the half-orc barbarian.


We quickly discovered spell-plagued death knights in the inner courtyard, which put of quite a fight. We also learn the knights ignore those like Tierestra who have the spellplague unless directly attacked by them. Poor Sanhuar ended up catching the spell-plague from one of the knights and was transformed into a inc-version of a phoenix,

We also discover evidence of the influence of the dark goddess Shar…


By invoking Shar’s adversary, the goddess of Light Selune, we were able to gain access to the building. Also, as Sanhuar was now spell-plagued, we could safely use him to scout ahead without alerting potential foes. I’d given him a new glossy blue paint job to reflect his new icy demeanor.

The main chapel ended up being chock full of more death knights…  img_2409

As did the basement, which took a whole other session just to clear. We did learn of a special hidden crystal ball that Shar seduced Grimm into seeking out… so now we had to find it without Grimm finding out either…

Fortunately, Jaenos got his hands on it first without Grimm’s knowledge. I can be sneaky when I need to be…


After a less than fortuitous decision to fireball the Fort’s library, we finally managed to clear the rest of the rooms.

But, no end boss to be found… turns out he wasn’t here, but has been investigating our Kingdom of Armastead for a magical node that we’ve been trying to keep secret, so our problems are only beginning…

Also, during one of these sessions, a fellow player who’d recently visited Alaska can back with a number of Inuit charms for us.


He’d chosen a sun talisman for me, which while not just appropriate, I felt a nice “whomp” when I held it, so now it adorns my magickal shelf.


Thursday 11/24/16-

Sun: Sagittarius-

Moon: Libra-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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