Below is a list (that is by no means exhaustive) of other creative folks I’ve had the good fortune to personally know, and whose work is definitely worth checking out.

  • Aaron Campbell – Aaron and I are old friends. We went to M.I.C.A. together, and later were roommates after he’d finished his graduate studies at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) under the tutelage of the illustrious Marshall Arisman. Aaron and I are the co-creators of the Reliquum game, and began working together on a comic series set in that universe entitled The Black Knight a few years ago (which was never fully completed). He’s since gone on to illustrate a number of comic series, including Sherlock Holmes, Green Hornet, Uncanny and most recently the critically acclaimed series Infidel. He and I have indefinitely delayed revisiting/revising our Black Knight project together in the pursuit of crating the Adventure Hook podcast together.

Adventure Hook

  • Kevin Storm – Kevin was the artist/photographer for the Serial Artist graphic novel. Aside from his own freelance illustrative work, Kevin is also a guitarist for the Netherlands-based death metal band Heidevolk, who are a lot of fun if you’re into that kind of music (like I am).

Serial Artist

  • Richard Kaczynski – Richard and I are friends from O.T.O. and he is a highly regarded scholar, especially in the magickal community. Arguably his most well known book is Perdurabo which is considered by many to be the definitive biography of Aleister Crowley. Richard also recently published his first work of fiction, The Billionth Monkey which also has its own blog. I painted the back cover for the book, which leads into a six page mini-comic back up in the novel (the “Hamlet Special Edition”). The legendary Greg Larocque did the pencils, and I actually did the gray tones for it as well. You can read the mini-comic it here, it’s awesome for Shakespeare and Star Wars fans alike. There’s also a special hardcover edition available (while supplies last) which includes a signed & numbered print of the Hamlet piece by yours truly.


  • Mark Smylie – Mark was originally interested in publishing The Black Knight under his company Archaia Studios Press a number of years ago, but before starting ASP, Mark was already an accomplished illustrator and comic creator. His critically acclaimed work Artesia which her wrote and painted himself, is one of my all-time favorite series. He also recently published a novel entitled The Barrow which is set in the same fantasy world.


  • Holly Golightly – Holly and her husband Jim Balent are the co-founders of BroadSword Comics, known for their comic Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose. Holly is the colorist for Tarot, but also does her own books, including the cute & pervy School Bites and her Disney vacation guide Fears & Ears. Both followers of the Wiccan tradition, Holly in particular is a very gifted seer… the kind who will call you up out of the blue to let you know her cards wanted to talk about you and it’s time for a tarot reading… heh, Holly is definitely one of my favorite humans. The (literal) broadsword they’d given us as a wedding gift (told you they were awesome) is still hanging in our living room next to our hand-fasting cords.


  • Michael Bracco – Michael is also a former roommate of mine, who went on to do a number of indie comic series, including Birth, The Creators, and Novo. Michael is also the founder of the incredible Spaghetti Kiss apparel line, and a co-creator of the Super Art Fight group (under the alias “Baron Von Sexyful).



  • Michael Montenet – yet another former roommate, Michael also works in the comics industry, most recently illustrating a series for IDW entitled Dead Squad.


  • Frater Superabo – Superabo is a fellow O.T.O. brother who has his own magick instructional YouTube Channel. He also runs his own coaching business 93 Total Health & Fitness which serves as anything from simple personal exercise training to being more akin to a “magickal personal trainer and life coach” for the esoterically minded.


  • Wimsaur Madivhan – Wimsaur is another O.T.O. brother, also with a YouTube Channel. His focus is on the tarot, sigils, and the creation of custom orgonite pieces (which he is quite good at). He’s also available for consultation.


  • Enlil Ka Ahk – is a recent addition to the O.T.O. family, but is another ceremonial magician I’ve befriended with a long and extremely effective personal practice, and he also does consultation through his Facebook page.