Mission Statement

In my continuing pursuit to accomplish my True Will and live the life of a fully practicing magician, the creation of a blog now seems a natural progression for the next stage of my Great Work. Personally, it will be another good challenging exercise, as it will essentially function as the “public side” of my daily magickal journal, as well as perhaps serve as some form of inspiration for others who may find what I do interesting enough. I cannot count the vast numbers of people who have said or done things that inspired new ideas in me over the years (many times inadvertently) and so perhaps you’ll find something hidden among my many projects that may inspire you in return. I have a large array of interests, and at least a handful of nifty skills, so who can say what I’ve done, or have yet to do, which may ignite something inadvertent in you?  Nothing would make me happier than to pay some of that energy forward. And who knows, maybe it’s you who will inspire me…

Additionally, as most of my best work has at least some element of collaboration in it, I’m pleased this site can also serve as a platform for interested parties to commission custom work from me. I’d like to think if something led you here seeking assistance in an area of one (or more) of my disciplines, there’s a good chance I can help you… so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re even a little curious.