Below is a list (again, by no means exhaustive) of some of the teachers I’ve had the privilege to study under, and who have helps steered the course of my work.

  • Alan Reingold – he painted the Tri-Star Pegasus among many many other works I’m sure you’d know. He liked my work and even showed some of it to the editors of Time and Newsweek, but try as I might I could never be commercial enough to get editorial work.
  • Stephen John Phillips – Stephen provided my inspiration for working with fumetti for my Serial Artist project. We once came close to collaborating on a project for Vertigo Comics, but “the fates” interfered. He doesn’t do comics anymore, though and primarily focuses on his photography work.
  • Jose Villarubia – Jose taught me to use Photoshop and was the first teacher I had to get me to try to make my own comics (in his Freshmen computer class). He has a vast amount of work under his belt in the field of coloring comics, and has even collaborated with Alan Moore on a few projects (including Promethea, which is another of my favorite books).
  • Frater Xavier – a hermetic magician with a wonderfully instructive YouTube channel called Mind & Magick which is absolutely fantastic for the aspiring magician and adept alike. Definitely touched by the Gnosis, his videos are eminently re-watchable, and are totally worth the time to binge from the very beginning.