Today I’ve been quite focused on getting my magickal implements completed (specifically the Dagger and Cup). When I started my practice years ago, I figured the weapons are all astral anyway, so put my focus there (which did pay off in its own way).

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But now that things are moving that I may be practicing in more public forums, I feel the need to have the physical implements for (literally) ceremonial purposes. Plus, I’ve has such good results with my Pentacle, particularly now that I’ve incorporated it into my Qabalistic Cross and Greater Middle Pillar rituals as part of my daily practice. Any Hermeticists who might worry about me using an unbalanced altar, relax, I don’t use one as part of my daily “work-out”.

The copper Pentacle (Panticle) was a gift after a magickal initiation, and some time ago I painted it on both sides ¼ citrine, olive, russet, and black. On the pentacle side I scraped the paint from the actual star to reveal the copper beneath, and on the opposite side went the sigils for the God Name, Earth angels, and my own magickal name and sigil, also carved out of the paint (quite) delicately. I’d made it a goal that my four magickal weapons should all have been gifted to me in some form or another.

With that in mind, for my cup I’ll be using an old silver plated goblet that I received as a gift from the person who was then my best friend, now over 20 years ago. The gift was unexpected and very touching at the time, and it still fills me with fond memories today, so it seemed ideal for constructing this tool. I’ve polished it as best I can, but much of the plating has worn away over the years, leaving it looking eternally “antique” which suits me just fine. I’ve marked where the sigils for the God Name, Water angels, and my own personal sigil will go, and now I need to etch the metal, and perhaps fill them with gold enamel.

For my dagger, I’ve re-appropriated the dagger we had the celebrant use during my wife and I’s hand-fasting wedding ceremony. I’d bought the actual weapon on a whim years ago, but soon after a very close friend fashioned a leather scabbard for it that is both beautiful and practical. I feel the only changes to the actual blade needs to be the covering up of the maker’s mark on both sides of the forte, but as I’d recently also received some spare leatherworking tools as a gift from my next door neighbor, I plan to use them to mark the Air sigils in the surface of the scabbard instead (and treating the entire unit as a single tool). I may work gold paint into the indentations as well, but I want to wait to see how they look without first. Perhaps they’ll need to go on the blade as well… we’ll see how I feel once I actually start working. For now I’ve just marked where I plan to tool the sigils.

Today also marked Day 4 of my Abundance operation, and it was another successful “caper”. I gathered earth from the grounds of another (different) bank and my wife and I left another offering on the way home at yet a different crossroad. I know tradition speaks of crossroads being deserted, but as my view of how Abundance might come about is very Mercurial in nature, busy crossroads seemed to make more sense for this.

I might also mention I always try to wear different colors each day of the operation to honor the god of whose day it is. It being Thursday I’m dressed all in blue and tomorrow will be all green.


Thursday 9/24/15

Sun: Libra

Moon: Aquarius

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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