So after yesterday’s errand, I ended up getting a lot more work done in the evening. Using gold foil stickers, I cut out and created some shapes to cover the maker’s marks on the blade of my dagger.

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On the one side is now the triangle of Air and on the other is a Vesica Pisces on which I painted my personal sigil in silver to match the blade. I also tooled the appropriate Air sigils into the leather of the scabbard.

I also finished my sculpt of the jar lid and went ahead and fired it in the oven. Once hard, I decided to try to sand down some of the rougher texture but that turned out to be a mistake as the sandpaper I has was way too rough and it ended up discoloring the nice flat solid colors of the clay. I though applying a gloss coat overtop might save it and I found out today I was half right.

The thick gloss I applied does look nice, but as it turned out my red brick of clay was a few ounces lighter than the others, I ended up with that portion of the lid being shallower than the others. Again the gloss would even that out, but as I needed it thick, the parts that pooled in the russet portion turned a bit milky.


Abundance Earth Jar Pentacle Lid


Otherwise, I busted out my trusty Dremel and got cracking on some other projects. On my chalice I engraved the appropriate Water sigils along the edge and at the base of the stem. Lately for my pentacle I’ve just been storing it in a small padded jewelry box, but I’ve felt the need to craft a box personally to hold it so I decided to do that as well.

Using a few pieces of scrap wood left over from the loom project, I sawed out the appropriate pieces, glued them together, and then applied vigorous sanding to even each of the sides out. The interior I was able to get only so close without the aid of a jigsaw, so I ended up spending another hour of more hand carving out the interior so the disk will fit and there will be room for the foam padding I’ll add. I’ve marked where the requisite Earth sigils will go on the exterior, and plan to do some wood burning and staining on them tomorrow.

Day 6’s operation I actually took care of early in the day after running some mundane errands first thing. Today I hit a (corporate) bakery and took my four scoops of earth and a single stone like before, and left the egg offering at the nearest crossroad. Tomorrow’s the big day.


Saturday 9/26/15

Sun: Libra

Moon: Pisces

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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