Sadly, I had to blow off the chance to grab lunch with Richard Kaczynski today, as I had too much to worry about for today’s ritual to be away from the house long.

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I ran Day 7’s errand in the (first) hour of Jupiter today, and went to a local hospital, where I gathered four spoonfuls of very pretty orange clay I found in a deserted corner of the grounds.  The egg I left at another busy crossroads and returned home to prep.

To complete the Abundance jar lid, I wrapped the outer edge and then crafted a pentacle out of copper tape for the top. I’m fairly happy with it, and the final product makes me smile, but that was something I needed to finish before I got to the big magick of the day.

I also did the wood burning on the pentacle’s box, and since it’s all related to Earth, I wanted to stain it as dark as possible, so I used Minwax’s Jacobean stain, which with a few layers is so dark it neighbors on black. I also sliced up the foam I needed using a heated exacto blade and glued one piece to the box’s lid to serve both as cushion for the disk inside, but also serves to hold the box together.

I also need something a little more for my chalice, so I’m thinking I need a Pall and Purificator to cover it when not in use (tool with its own container is a theme so far, so I’m sticking to it). For the Pall I used the copper tape again to connect nine glass squares into one large one. I think I’ll end up inscribing the Water sigils there as well using glass etching cream. Not sure yet what to do for the Purificator, but I may try to do my own cross stitch if I can find a fabric I like.


September 27, 2015 Supermoon and Eclipse

Now, I’d planned for Day 7 to fall on today because of the full moon, but as luck would have it, today was a “supermoon”, the Harvest Moon (a good time to reap), and a blood moon… as there was a total lunar eclipse this evening, and was hauntingly beautiful (if you are also in this hemisphere I hope you got the chance to see it). However, prior to that during today’s 2nd hour of Jupiter, I finally assembled the Abundance earth jar.

I began with my usual daily rituals, and did so early enough that I’d be all nice and charged up when the hour in question rolled around. I won’t go into details of the personal/sympathetic items I added to the mix, but with less than 10 minutes to spare, I completed the task and made the jar my first offering of rum and tobacco. Each lunar cycle I’ll make a similar offering to the kind spirits who’ve followed me home and take up residence in it.

I like that today was both a supermoon and an eclipse, as it’s like getting the benefits of both a full and a new moon on the same day (and perhaps all the phases in between). Once complete, I put the jar on the magick shelf in my studio and came down for dinner. My wife commented that she thought I “looked more successful” so I’m going to take it that the spell worked.


Completed Abundance Earth Jar


On the full moon, I also put my stones outside in the moonlight to recharge, as the conditions couldn’t be better. I sleep with a configuration of stones/crystals beneath my mattress at night (except when they’re recharging). Each is tied to a different chakra, and they’re strung together with copper wire at corresponding lengths. I use wire, one for conductivity, but also so that I need not measure where each stone goes each time when replacing them under the mattress, I can just align the amethyst tied to my crown chakra to the top of my pillow and stretch the rest out straight (so the hematite ends up under my root chakra). I was thinking about designing a more elaborate version of this with containers for each stone all connected with copper beads, but that’s not something I need to focus on anytime soon…


Sunday 9/27/15

Sun: Libra

Moon: Pisces (Full)

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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