Ah, the full moon in Taurus, where she is exalted (the third consecutive supermoon, and the 6th and last this year).

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This should be a good day to bring a project to a close and rest, so hopefully I’m turning a corner with all this stuff as I send off my blog material to have it reviewed and “harvested for Google gold”.

Also, I did my daily rituals during the hour of Jupiter today, and as part of the retinue, made my monthly offering to the Earth spirits who have taken up residence in my Abundance jar.

I decided on the aeration of four (for Earth) different liquors over the soil each month, which I hope will be a sufficient offering to keep the momentum going in the direction it has. The original spell calls for only one shot of rum, but at my house you also get gin, whiskey, and Jagermeister (plus a few pinches of tobacco) on top of that…

I put the jar outside for the evening in hopes the spirits might enjoy a night in the Tauric moonlight, along with my chakra crystals and hematite & rose quartz bracelets, which I also put out in the full moonlight for their monthly recharge.


Abundance Jar and Chakra Stones recharging in the sun (and moon) light

Also, I learned to celebrate Halloween there’s a sale on all my publisher Markosia’s books at DriveThruComics. That means right now customers can get a digital copy of the Serial Artist graphic novel for only $2 – and additionally can even download the first issue for free… let’s see if it makes a difference.


Tuesday 10/27/15

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Taurus (FULL)

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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