Today Jenny headed up to Pennsylvania for the afternoon to visit with my mom at Longwood Gardens. They were in for a long, hot, and sunny day and by the time she got home she was exhausted.

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Mars tends to kick my ass back in gear on Tuesdays, and I had a normal busy-work kind of day for the work day. But, as recently Jenny had suggested I seriously consider looking into getting training as a hypnotist, I’ve been looking into that after hours. Jenny believes (as do I) that she would make an excellent subject for channeling, and as a team we might have something of a Dee and Kelly thing going on. To say nothing of a side living I could potentially make doing hypnotherapy sessions… but that’s not the focus now.

Getting hypnotherapy certification is not cheap, and the various types of licenses also sometimes come with other prohibitive prerequisites, but I do think learning the skills at least is certainly within my grasp, and I’ll be plumbing the depths of YouTube for videos to get me started, and I’ll go from there.

However, as today was the full moon, it was time to recharge my chakra stones as well as perform my monthly Abundance Renewal ritual. The hour of the sun this evening was late, but as it generally coincided with my Midnight performance of Liber Resh, after that invocation I launched into my regular ritual routine, and then paused to make my five offerings to the kind spirits of my Earth Jar.


Now, I’ve been bad lately, but today I was sure to turn on my Ghost Radar app and started getting immediate results once I began my opening ritual. Then as in the past, everything went quiet for the duration of the invocation of the four archangels, and then got really chatty afterwards when I was making the offerings.

I think some were desperate (or impatient) as among the last few words I received were WORRIED, TRAP, HELD, and EDGE. Sounds like someone was seeking the Light to me, so once the jar operation was complete (to the announcement of SCIENCE) I launched right into the Collect for the End, and as I was performing it, I got two final words: FIND and PRIZE. Then the app went silent and I closed down my temple space in total silence (from the app anyway).

However, when I opened it back up to review all the words that had come up so I could record them in my journal, I got two more words in very quick succession: DRIVING and TRAFFIC. Maybe this was some poor soul who’d just died in a traffic accident… maybe he (it felt like a “he”) was trying to tell me that even the Astral highways get jammed up and that’s why he was late to the ritual to catch his “angelic lift”, but I said the Collect again and then it was all quiet.


Tuesday 7/19/16-

Sun: Cancer-

Moon: Capricorn (FULL)-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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