So, I have to admit… this week kinda got away from me a bit. Plenty to cover, so let’s get into it…

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Aaron and I have decided to hold off our official announcement of the Adventure Hook show until closer to the go-live date. So we’ll start our push on May 7th, a week before launching on the 14th. This is good, as we still have a handful of things that need to get squared away, and an extra week helps. However, Aaron and I have sent out invites to a handful of folks to give the pilot show a listen, and so far the feedback has been really positive.

Aaron’s also put the finishing touches on the banner, and I think it really looks great.

Adventure Hook: Role-Playing Game Podcast

It’s now up to me to now put it to good use to make some sort of trailer for the show out of it. Ideally I’ll also figure out how best to create a landing video for our Patreon page as well. And assuming I figure that out… then I should probably do the same for the Blackspire side of things as well… but first things first… sorta

Despite this, Aaron and I still took the time to record another episode or two’s worth of our campaign talk (which we’re now calling “Legend Lore”) which will be for our Patreon feed. Mostly, I think Aaron just wanted some help brainstorming his next session, and I think I had some decent ideas for him this time around.

On my end, I’ve finally decided where and how I’ll be hosting the Blackspire podcast and I’ve decided to go with BluBrry. Mostly, while I love the advantages of technology, I don’t feel like a tech-savvy person, and so the stream-lined integration with this WordPress site seemed like the most painless solution (assuming you find the Subscribe widgets everywhere “painless”… not sure how I feel).

However, in the effort to test and receive approval for my show on the various podcatcher services out there, I’ve ended up needing to actually launch my Season Zero, Episode One “Welcome to Blackspire” recording a little early (on this site anyway). Assuming I get approved (no reason I shouldn’t) I still plan to hold off releasing or really promoting the show until the 21st (a week after Adventure Hook launches).

It is a relief to get that part squared away. I only had one little disconnect in the whole set-up process, and their customer support person was able to direct me to a solution super promptly. Man, I sound like I shilling, but so far at least I’m digging BluBrry… cool…

But, I feel that by launch time I should also have at least one Patreon show loaded, just on the off chance someone actually want to go for it right away. So, this week I’ve also recorded my next installment of the Season Zero episodes, and managed to complete all six of the initial player character backgrounds… a process that surprised me to have created close to two hours of actual content.

And I started to have a sobering realization…

On average, each of the six PC backgrounds I’d written was between 2000 and 2500 words… which nowadays is about twice the length of a college essay. And I did all this writing before we even played our first game…

I then took a look at the total word count for the Pre-Series History I’d written to recap the entire campaign, and which I’d be reading (dramatically) to create the Season Zero Episodes. If you look back through this blog to when I was working on those entries, you may see me struggling to get through the process, and now I know why… all told, there are over 115,000 words comprising my Season Zero “script”!

It seems I accidentally wrote a novel…

And to think how long the prospect of writing something novel-length intimidated me… and this much writing is only a synopsis… just a recap of the actual storytelling that went into crafting this campaign. However, this also means that recording the Season Zero series is going to take a hell of a lot longer than I anticipated… most books on tape clock in at around thirty hours of recording, give or take… that’s thirty hour long episodes minimum, then? Guess we’ll see. I hope I don’t end up upsetting anyone that they’re not all done yet… honestly I didn’t think I’d written that much, it’s put a number of new things in perspective for me… and way more work than I thought as well…

The Friend seems to think I should write a book based on my lectures (which she re-watched and got more out of the second time through, which is terrific). Somehow, YouTube is now showing my number of views and subscribers is actually shrinking. Subscribers dropping makes sense, I’m not putting up new stuff (nor likely will I for a while) but I’m not sure how people could have suddenly watched a video less times… unless they’re sweeping and cutting out re-watches or something. Whatever, it’s fine…

I’ve heard back from the Theosophical Society, but at this point with all the Podcast stuff going on and not a ton of open slots for talks until the fall, we’ve opted to move my next two lectures to sometime in September and October. I’m reminded of the proverb a man who chases two rabbits catches neither and once I get the gaming stuff squared away and running smoothly I’ll have the time, energy, and attention to make the overt magick stuff more of a focus again. Trying to do them both at once threatens to do each a disservice.

But, I’m not completely out of the magickal loop, our old buddy Frater Superabo stopped by this week for dinner and to pick my brain on creating and editing audio and video with his laptop. He actually turned me on to some new potential editing software, but turns out he has a SnoBall mic as well, so I was able to show him some tricks in Audacity as well.

He also got the first episode of the new show he’s doing with the popular YouTuber magician Taliesin McKnight they’re calling Magic Occult Radio. He gave me the full skinny of how this show went behind the scenes, but regardless they got a great interview out of Golden Dawn Invoker Aaron Leitch. Fascinating stuff.

Hopefully they keep it up. Superabo and I may team up on some stuff down the line as well, but for now I’m just glad to have helped him with the resources to do more of these himself.

And, I’m happy to report that it’s been over a week since I smoked my last cigarette, my switch to the vape has done its job. I even swung by a new store Vaper’s Edge today and was totally impressed with the new juices I picked up at their suggestion.


I’m not saying I haven’t been tempted, but I feel like I’m finally over tobacco. With the full moon upon us, I did the monthly Abundance ritual in the hour of the sun, and am gratefully feeling solidly in that state. Even our cat Grimmy seems in good spirits despite his illness.

All is right with the world.


Sunday 4/29/18-

Sun: Taurus–

Moon: Scorpio (FULL)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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