Today’s Hook: GM’s Choice! And this time the choice was to delve into one of America’s most potent modern mythologies… the Conspiracy Theory.

There is no longer such a thing as a Conspiracy Theorist… there are now only Conspiracy Deniers!

For this episode of Adventure Hook, the guys rolled their historic first GM’s Choice episode… and as the winner this time Rob opts to take Aaron on a Quick-Play RPG experience, and sends him plummeting straight down the rabbit hole of an RPG campaign world comprised of all of the most bizarre conspiracy theories ever claimed… and then demonstrates how all of them (somehow) still logically connect!

Never heard of a Quick-Play RPG game? That’s probably because Rob totally made it up for this (already completely off-the-wall) episode…

Still…. this (seemingly harmless) exercise may prove to be just the sort of “big picture” revelation that could very well blow the mind of the unprepared listener WIDE AWAKE. Be forewarned… consider getting fitted for a tinfoil hat right now, because you might end up doubting everything you ever believed about the Reality of the world you live in by the end of it…

From exploring white hat Secret Space Program defectors fighting in a secret time travel rebellion against the Satanic Nazi Reptilian Cabal in a galactic struggle for our “Star Trek” future… to discussing what different RPG systems would be the best to actually tell this story with… this show ticks enough crazy boxes to fill up a hangar in Area 51!

Also in this episode (when  things start getting really dense)… against his better judgment, Rob even winds up admitting that he counts himself among those people claiming to suffer from the Mandela Effect.

How will you score on that little test..?

Banter Topic:  So… this episode Aaron can finally announce the exciting news that… /cuedrumroll… he is the artist working with writer Si Spurrier on the relaunch of the new Hellblazer series for DC Comics! 

I know, I know… holy crap, right?!

If you happened to find Adventure Hook because the Hellblazer artist is one of its co-hosts, then welcome! There’s a lot of crazy RPG goodness for you to catch up on, and the fingerprints of Mr. Campbell’s dark imagination is all over every episode. ENJOY!!!


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