I’m going to keep it brief. With the Sun, Moon, and Mercury all in Taurus (apropos in so many ways) the Adventure Hook podcast launched today.

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Adventure Hook Podcast

The Media has been asked to be Social… and so it’s out there in the ether now, please go give it a listen. Like, Rate, Subscribe, Share, all that stuff. Oh, and Enjoy it too, please…



It’s good timing too, as Aaron‘s new comic Infidel just got optioned by the production company Sugar23 and so it’s looking like it’s headed for the screen (big or small) at some point. Awesome! It could bring more attention to what we’re doing… couldn’t hurt anyway!

We’re launched now and looking forward with plans to record what will end up as Episode 5 at the end of this month. It’ll also be the first of anything we record since actually putting the show out there, and we’re both excited and have a lot of ideas brimming of where to go from here… but we both need three solid ones by the time we discuss our next hook.

A mysterious stranger delivers a mysterious item and then abruptly and mysteriously dies.

Click on the image below and be sure to add your own suggestions for a future episode.

Adventure Hook: d20 Table


This week, I also worked on edits for two Blackspire videos, one to serve as a Trailer and the other as a landing video on Patreon. The Trailer is based on the intro we use for each episode’s opener, but I still have parts I want to re-record if at all possible before I put it all out there. Still in a holding pattern om that part.

Either way though, I’ve been watching more tutorials, and I’m getting a much better handle on Lightworks. I am really starting top appreciate how a tool that powerful could actually be used to edit actual feature films, and while I’m far from an adept yet, I think the simple job of making these shorts for Blackspire is now within my wheelhouse.

And this week wasn’t all podcast stuff though. Jenny and I finally made it to another meeting with the Baltimore Friends of IONS group since they moved to their new location at the Ruscombe Mansion. Spirit Communication and Light Work was definitely the focus of the night. We saw The Friend there, and Jenny (re)connected with a number of the strong, positive women in that group as well. It’s something she’s interested in pursuing more, and I’m in full support. It’ll be great for her to be around more ladies who can “get” her, and “live gracefully” (as she put it) in a way I think she could learn and benefit from.

I know the ITC stuff as taken a back seat of late, it’s something Jenny and I are both cognizant of, but not forgotten. With the podcast launch milestone finally come, perhaps I need to shift my gaze slightly.

Or figure out some kind of Magick podcast to do… that makes sense too…

First things, first things, first…


Monday 5/14/18-

Sun: Taurus–

Moon: Taurus (NEW)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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