Not sure if you noticed, but I skipped doing a blog post last week. While admittedly my heart really wasn’t in it then, it’s not all together all that better now either… and that really may just be resonating with the higher frequencies of the day, which generally seem to be quite heavy for everyone…

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I can’t help but think this is a result of the three-part mass meditations I participated in over January 10th through 12th. Indications are by all accounts that we were successful in barely reaching the critical mass we needed to truly begin to usher in the Aquarian Age… and perhaps as a result, those heavy energies of Saturn and Pluto “overseeing” that event have manifested in ways that are giving all our weak little egos a severe beating.

However, despite however much my enthusiasm is generally lacking, I’ll be shooting to still do two blog posts a month, ideally on the New Moon and Full Moons…

Yoga, meditation, and LBRP helps to combat negativity in the meantime, but it seems like I continually come back around to focus on my weaknesses, and specifically where I feel like I always manage to fail, no matter my approach. It was frustrating me to the point where I’ve even been plumbing Oken’s Complete Astrology for more possible clues in my birth chart as to why such things might be… and I even think I might have found one related to my Sun placement in the 12th House!

It was almost like realizing you’ve kept walking into the same wall over and over, mistaking it for a door. That might be true, but it still hasn’t stopped me from wanting to go outside (or being any closer towards figuring out how someone with my wiring gets to). It’s an insight though… and one I can hopefully build on going forward…

Interest on my YouTube channel continues slow, but steady growth (and new comments run the gamut both ways as well) and at this point it’s technically been well and truly monetized, and will start making us a few extra dollars a month, which isn’t nothing…

I’ve been feeling like I maybe need to do another video, and so what should happen recently but I received a call from The Friend inviting me to come give a talk for the Baltimore IONS group sometime this year. She thinks I should do something more like a hands-on magickal workshop, and Jenny had a number of suggestions she thought would make for good videos, but at this point while I agree with them both… I really have no idea what I want to talk about yet.

Chinese New Year hits today, and I’ve definitely had China on the brain lately (and not just because a friend who just returned visiting there recently just missed the Corona virus outbreak). I was brushing up on Chinese history for Blackspire purposes, but also because I’d planned to discuss the Great Wall of China on the next episode of Adventure Hook, which Aaron and I also recorded this week.

It probably won’t end up being my favorite episode, but I think it has its good parts, and hopefully at least my thoughts during our banter portion on “Anachronistic Verisimilitude” will have a poignant kernel of wisdom or two for the listener (especially the parts about how gaming can serve as more than just a hobby). I’ve even started toying around with the promo art for the episode, though at this point I’m still not sure what direction to take it in… it was a weird episode (Roman Hadrian’s Wall meets Scottish Goblin Hordes) and not the easiest to find good imagery for…

On the Blackspire front, key members of the B.R.U.W. Crew assembled over the weekend to run through Part 2 of the “Harvesting Gold” story-line. We finally got to use the rules I created concerning the random dice matrices, d100 charts, and utilized the narrative elements that will go into “populating” the various regions the characters must traverse each time they fail their skill challenge.

Ultimately I think the whole thing worked out quite well… my players seem to like it anyway, and look forward to next month’s game (where we’ll do a whole lot more of this sort of thing), and I do explain it all in detail in “Harvesting Gold – Pt 5 (coming soon to Patreon) but for now maybe you can use these few photos to get a sense of how the whole thing worked.

I consult my charts as Garrett rolls his first dice
all the encounter/environment dice have been rolled
the dice are “translated’ and the street to be traversed is “rendered”
Pathfinder vehicle rules apply as initiative is rolled

This was a fun game, but this week I also finally ran the next side session for Jenny’s character Claerydia which involved all sorts of secret guild business that wasn’t appropriate to discuss in front of other players (or non-Patreon supporters for that matter) but does include one of her new favorite NPCs… the creepy “Mr. Fingers”. Additionally, we also had our friend Jen over to record yet another (more “appropriate”) side session for the two of them to continue the “Mystery of the Missing Moon Elf” story-line.

Both wound up being fun sessions, and when I get to the clean up for them going I’ll be sure to pull out a few good tidbits to create more Season 2 teasers down the line.

But speaking of, as I’d finally run out the lead time I’d made for myself of both Patreon-ready raw cut episodes, as well as the Season 2 Teasers to promote them, I also spent some of the past week working on getting more of those prepped. I managed to get the final mp3s ready for both the shorter “A Perfect Lunch” episodes (for the higher end supporters), as well as actually hammering out the entire six parts (thus far) of the “Harvesting Gold” (including the episodes highlighted above) for the more baseline ones. This gets me up on releases through February to early March, and when I get the new Jen and Jenny ones done too that should then be to the end of March (ideally), and we’re all hoping to do another group session with Jim sometime in February as well to get us even farther…

On the teasers front, I’d not gotten quite that far ahead. I like using music when editing these, and have decided that (where appropriate) I’ll start using some sound effects here and there as well. I’m cleaning up the “um’s and ah’s” in these promos more going forward as well, which is admittedly definitely an improvement to the listening experience, even if the actual raw cut episodes they promote will remain raw (until I start the actual Season 2 episode edits anyway). I made sure to at least get Monday’s release (S2T22) finished and posted before I began work on the ones for the following weeks, and managed to get through the 25th teaser done this week as well, which gets me through most of February.

The S2T25 in particular was interesting as it highlights some scenes within the Chapel of the Machine God, and while at first I wasn’t sure what to do for the “soundtrack” of that place, I remembered a video Jenny and I watched a week or so ago about how basically anyone and everyone has co-opted Beethoven’s 9th Symphony for their own purposes in the past (since its themes are so universal). And so I thought: “why not the Machine God cult as well?”, and found a good place to drop in the Ode to Joy into the teaser and hopefully it all fits together well enough anyway. Not perfect maybe, but at the end of the day it is just for an ad after all…

And on the writing front, I can at least say I’ve finally heard back from my editor on my Faerie Tale Wedding script, though I don’t have any more news than I probably didn’t need to rush as much as I did to get it done, as I can’t even say for sure it’s even been read yet, let alone passed on the the artist…

Still, better than it could be (and has been)…


Friday 1/24/2020-

Sun: Capricorn–

Moon: Aquarius (New)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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