So… I’ve been busy this week working on the book cover for that super-secret project for The Friend…

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But… of course since the project is super-secret, there’s nothing I’ve done I can actually show (yet). I have been documenting various stages of my progress, so one day I will be able to showcase my drawings, and re-drawings (and re-drawings) of this piece, but for now I’m making progress. I’ve also been having lots of back and forth with The Friend who’s in an art director kinda role for this process, and while it’s more direction than I’m usually comfortable with, I really want to get this piece right, while still making it successful from an illustration standpoint.

It’s important.

We also have plans to visit The Friend this weekend, as it’s now Jenny’s turn to do a reading with her.

Aaron and I also recorded another episode of Adventure Hook today. This one was the first of our “Campaign Talk” shows, which we plan to release as Patreon-only content. We did this show as me interviewing Aaron about his RPG campaign “The Ills of  Illipur”. We got two hours worth of content out of today’s talk, which we might even be able to stretch into two shows if we can find a good break point, otherwise it’ll be a extra special long episode.

We plan to pick up our talk with Ills of Illipur again, and eventually we also do one where Aaron interviews me about my Blackspire game. I have to be careful with this though, as there’s really no downside to Aaron dropping spoilers about his game on the show (so long as his players don’t listen) but for me, I’ll have to be conscious of two different aspects of my setting to not spoil… the first is to not spoil anything for my players, and the second is not to spoil anything for my Blackspire listeners either. The plus to this is I’ll also (eventually) have my Season Zero material, to say nothing of the actual-play show, so I’ll have less I’ll feel I need to flesh out for the potential listener when discussing my campaign.

And of course, since it was the full moon, today I performed my monthly Abundance ritual. And not an hour later Jenny called to let me know about some great news she’d been wanting to hear at work.



Thursday 3/1/18-

Sun: Pisces–

Moon: Virgo (Full)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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