Today is the first day of the pagan new year, and all things being equal, I still don’t have much substantial to report this week.

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I’ve had my eye on the 27th of this month for some time, as I noticed not only is it the new moon, but there will be no less than five planets in Aries that day. It seems like the ideal time to begin something new, and I hope I get enough off my plate in the week to come that I can competently dedicate myself to the project I need to start (but can’t talk about yet). I also have a nephew scheduled to be born any day now and have been wondering if it’ll happen on that day (he missed the window to be a Pisces) but in either respect Jenny and I will be an aunt and uncle soon!

Tonight we had some old friends over for dinner and Jenny got to show off some of her new chef assistant skills, but a major highlight was they brought some pie from Dangerously Delicious Pies… specifically the Mixed Berry Pie and the Baltimore Bomb (neither of which I’d tried before). Both were incredible, but the Baltimore Bomb (made with famous Berger cookies) took the cake for me… pun intended. Fun time, and great to see good friends…

But… I should know better. While some work progresses there’s not much more to say, so I should always defer to posting cute “Cwik Bayt” pics when I have nothing else to talk about on this blog. This week I caught our kitty Isis licking the head of her “big sister” Bast (the fact that Bast tolerates this is a sign of how well all our six cats get along).

Behold the cuteness!

Isis & Bast



Monday 3/20/17-

Sun: Aries-

Moon: Aries (50% Waning)-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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