I’d taken this week off of work, and the last weekday of the week off was spent working on the script of Chapter 1 of Black Knight “2.0”. The prequel portion is complete, and now the work to convert the original script to the new/updated version of the story really gets going.

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Though I plan to follow the overall outline of the original, so much needs to change it’s basically writing it from scratch… which isn’t actually a bad thing. Following my Zodiacal pattern, in this part of the chapter I need to make sure the Sun gets exalted in Aries (so Squire needs to “save the day”).

However, since this is the Reliquum world, at most he’ll have won an ideological battle, rather than actually “save the girl”. Avenge the dead, maybe… I have to go down a pretty icky little rabbit hole of the mind to concoct this scenario and its participants, so I’m not even exactly sure how it’s going to turn out until I let these characters start talking, but I’m not at that part yet.

And today also marks the first entry of my new daily blog… here we go!


Friday 8/21/15

Sun: Leo

Moon: Scorpio

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

One thought on “And So It Begins…

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