This week marked a major turning point, one that’s perhaps a little hard to articulate, but which ties into so much of my magick work I don’t talk about on this blog…

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First, I’m happy to report I already managed to knock out the edits for the next episode of Adventure Hook so we are ready for launch next month. I can’t say the same about Blackspire yet, but I’m still waffling on where I want to go with that show…

Still, I was excited to see the episode of Running the Table I was a guest on dropped this week. While the show has a few rough patches I definitely had fun recording it, and I think I had a few valuable things to say that went beyond just Role-playing Games.


And on top of giving a plug for Adventure Hook, I was also able to (hopefully) drum up some listener interest in the “one-shot” episode 13 of Blackspire:

A Homecoming Paved in Ashes: Pt 2 (S01E13)

I was also pleased to receive some positive feedback on my recent videos, including The Friend, who even followed up with me to get my insight on some of the finer points of sigil magick, and a few other things I went over in this talk…

She’s already implementing a few concepts to great success, and plans to “shoal” my Infinite Success sigil (proven to work) into her own operations… something you too are welcome to attempt!

But Brother Enlil came in from out of town this weekend to visit, talk about Western Gate stuff, and to participate in big mass meditation that took place during the eclipse. I’d mentioned the event to other esoteric friends this week as well…

But first I needed to “red pill” Enlil with a viewing of the documentary Above Majestic.

Now, I typically don’t mention my interest in this kind of stuff at all. Just talking about magick alone is crazy sounding enough for most people… introduce UFOs and Conspiracy Theories into the mix and it’s a surefire way to lose credibility in the eyes of many levelheaded folks… Understandably so… “If you could only understand the same way I do” how all those things tie together (and then some) they might change their tune, but that’s down so many rabbit holes ago that I couldn’t possibly expect anyone to just take my word for any of that… especially because personally I’m not claiming anything one way or another…

Regardless of how you feel about the information presented, it’s a fascinating watch… and still only just the tiniest tip of a mammoth iceberg…

Maybe it’s all old hat to you too… that’d be great. It’ll make this next part make a little more sense…

The uniqueness of this weekend’s eclipse (and the various planetary alignments aside) made that evening absolutely ideal for our planet to turn a corner energetically speaking… to finally throw off the shackles that the elite dark occultists have kept us in for thousands of years. This blood moon marked a mass meditation that included over 300,000 people all setting our intention and collective co-creative abilities to that very end…

Full eclipse blood moon (the best pic my phone could take)

This operation (of the 144k) was spearheaded in large part by the Unknown Light Warrior of Ground Crew Command Radio based on info provided care of insider Cobra himself. Before this operation I’d have been hesitant to mention any of this sort of stuff here, for fear of attracting the wrong sort of attention… but now it seems those sorts of days are behind us all.

Light has penetrated the Darkness in some new and unprecedented ways… a true Revelation/Apocalypse and the world seems noticeably brighter today. I especially noticed some energetic differences during my daily rituals and Brother Enlil echoed the same.

However, to double down on this operation in our own way, in addition to us both participating in the mass mediation during the height of the eclipse, we also prepared a bit of candle magick (again sporting my sigil for Full Disclosure) and only lit it once the full two hour long meditation was completed that night.

I ended up having to finish the candle burning down today, and so also made sure to redo the Cobra portion of the meditation as I did so. And of course, since today was the full moon I also did our monthly Abundance ritual once last night’s candle was completed. Something is definitely different as that ritual seemed to have some stronger energetic results this time as well.

And on that note… I also tried my hand at first bringing about the opportunities that last month’s ritual “stirred up” by reaching out to the Sphere Being Alliance to offer my services in a much more mundane 3D capacity that still will help us all in the long run.

But I’ve already said way too much this post already… I definitely don’t want to jinx bit that by saying more.


Monday 1/21/19-

Sun: Aquarius–

Moon: Leo (FULL)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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