So, we’ve settled on a date for the next Temple of the Western Gate gathering, which will be February 25th (the day before my second lecture to the Theosophical Society in Maryland actually…).

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Apropos as “The Friend”, who turned me onto them in the first place is hosting the main portion of our TotWG gathering. I’m also gearing up for my first lecture at the Society which is this Sunday. I’m also hoping I can use my new camera (a thoughtful gift from my siblings) to create a half-decent recording of my talk… It’s an ambitious amount of content I plan to cover, and I’m a bit nervous, but this feels like all part of something larger, so I’m also optimistic.

But I also caught a bug the night after the full moon, and after a few key leaps in inspiration, I feel I finally much closer to “cracking” the magickal dynamic of a character’s soul into the rules of the Reliquum role-playing game. It may look like mad scribblings (much of it is) but damn I’m onto something here. I’m curious if anyone else could make out what I’m going for here…


Using Austin Osman Spare’s “Alphabet of Desire” to to create a hexagonal-based representation of a person’s soul.

I also had a separate idea for introducing some dynamics for my planned RPG web-series, namely X number of video Likes = bonus XP for my players, 3 user comments on a single player’s action can award a Hero Point, and Subscriptions = viewer giveaways (like the Blackspire Studios painted miniature of an NPC slain in the game or something). Stuff like that…

Also, some great news for the esoteric practitioners out there. This week the CIA declassified a number of documents highlighting scientifically proven results concerning remote viewing, telekinesis, the pineal gland and the third eye, and more. They make no bones about it, the phenomenon is scientifically proven. Hopefully with Ascension at hand, this will help wake people up a bit more…

And in fashion news (ha ha) I’m also sporting a new shirt this week designed by my buddy Kevin Storm, the co-creator of Serial Artist. I think the guy even looks like him… It’s for the band Helsott, that his band Heidevolk toured with, and I actually saw them with Frater Superabo at the St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn back in September of 2015. Fun guys and a fun show.

helsot shirt

But the sad news with my former local O.T.O. body escalated, and I and some other former brothers have found our advancement blocked. While I was still backing away from my Man of Earth Representative duties due to leaving the Lodge, I now also find that our further degree advancement within the Order elsewhere has been blocked. I won’t fight to stay in O.T.O., and believe me, I’d drafted a huge point-by-point response to it over a couple of days, but my wife Jenny ultimately convinced me to be the bigger man and simply walk away saying nothing… as it’ll only feed the darkness more energy…

So… instead of treating you to some of that horror… here instead is an excerpt of my Final Report to the Man of Earth Representatives, Delegates, and Chair of the Panel. I left out any specifics pertinent to identities or items of discretion.

It is with a heavy heart that I must step down from my role as the Man of Earth Representative for William Blake Lodge in the Valley of Baltimore. For reasons that I endeavored to keep private, I simply no longer sync energetically with the environment of my local body. As I must step away from WBL, it is naturally no longer fitting that I continue to serve as that Lodge's representative to the Panel. Now, while it was my wish to continue my association with O.T.O. (and at the Chair's suggestion I agreed to stay on in a consulting role for the MoE resources website we had hoped to build) some of those same forces of my former body have now seen fit to block my chances to seek degree advancement or membership in other bodies elsewhere. I am sorry brothers and sisters, but I will not fight an uphill battle against a combined front of O.T.O. leadership. I hope all of you my fellow Triad members do not have similar dynamics in your own local bodies, though I'm sure many of you do.

I went on to recap some of my contributions, my positive impressions of the Panel, and my hopes for their further success… and then did make one final request of the Delegates on behalf of my displaced brothers and sisters. Once I have received and delivered that response to appropriate parties, then my duties to the Panel, the Lodge, and the Order will be complete, and I will sadly become just another O.T.O. member who “just stops coming”.

And as we shift out of Capricorn into Aquarius, I couldn’t help but wonder if the Presidential Inauguration Day is scheduled at this time to account for that energetic shift… Capricorn (Master of Earth/King of the Mountain) gives way to the new, idealistic perspective of Aquarius.

Makes sense to me…

Kinda rhymes… huh..?


Thursday 1/19/17-

Sun: Aquarius-

Moon: Scorpio (50% Waning)-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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