Today I was able to finish up the Tudor style wall sections from the City Builder set I’ve been plugging away on. I wrapped up the last few yellow sections I’d missed, plus a few other sections, like the stone facade on the door pieces, which also needed dry-brushing.

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I then created a wash of thinned down dark brown and black ink, and gave each Tudor wall section a coat. Though subtle, this serves to tie the plaster and wooden sections together, as well as pull out some of the deepest shadows of both.


But, I needed a slight change of pace, so I decided to put some work into some unfinished miniatures we use in the Baltimore Role-Players Unite Weekly gaming group. In the background below is the figure for my character, Sir Jaenos Makyrie. Since the campaign’s relaunch, a subtle change was made to his weapon (a three-headed flail), so I quickly painted the previously blue (electricity damage) spiked head green (acid damage). Pictured also is Jaenos’s squire (and ward) the troll Trahaern Battleborn and recent convert to his religion (Tyr), the Shadow Thief called Rylissa, whom we have renamed Vengelica. Those last two need lots of work still.


My main focus was actually on the pony figure that is the character of one of my fellow players, and the most recent addition to the campaign. We play in the Forgotten Realms D&D setting, but use the Pathfinder rules, and this friend wanted to make a character using the (arguably) compatible Ponyfinder rule book (basically the rules to play a My Little Pony style PC). Jason the GM let her do it, and explained it away as her character was struck by the Spellplague and swapped consciousness with her pony…

Anyway, her character Tierestra now belongs to the oddball cult the Order of Blue Flame, and so I’ll be basing her color scheme on that group’s icon. The pony miniature is actually an old skool Ral Partha horse from the 1980’s (proportion/scale were commonly smaller back then), but for game purposes the original base wasn’t hacking it for a medium creature, so I started by snipping it off and mounting the pony on a 1″ hexagon shaped base. I then built up a layer of mossy “undergrowth” texture, added some grass tufts, and sprinkled on some “scorched grass” flocking I picked up quite a while ago from Titan Games & Hobbies. Then I added in the first patches of metal and blue paint, and washed the grey undercoat of the actual horseflesh with thinned black ink. It’s a start…

I was also getting a little fed up with the poorer quality of pics I’ve been getting with my old iPhone, so I’m going to be taking more pics with my (old – Amazon says so) Canon A560A, with the added bonus I can use my even older tripod, which is still proving to be a great investment, as I love its versatility and compactness. The shots come out far less blurry and I think the image quality is better in general as well.


Sunday 5/22/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Sagittarius-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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