So yeah… THAT’S done..! What truly first began a full 12 months ago I’ve put my finishing touches on this week, and the edits on Episodes 1-7 of “To Baator & Back” are finally complete.

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Because it required so much additional cut and pasting, the edits on episode 7 took just as long (if not longer) than editing any two other episodes took. Perhaps longer, because I really needed to get the music as perfect as possible… especially on the last few (hopefully iconic) scenes in the show.

This week I also wrapped up the show notes for each episode, as well as giving each one my “final draft run-through” of edits. And, thanks to some additional help from Jenny, I even have some her doing some short voice-over work for a handful of characters throughout the episodes, that I think should really bump the quality of the program up just that much more.

So far, the feedback to them has been positive… but it’s out of my hands now. For the time being at least, I’ve done all I’ve planned to do for that little mini-series and it’s been turned over to the Red Moon Roleplaying guys, who plan to release the first episode the first Tuesday in June, and each Tuesday following that until all seven are released by July 16th.

So, between now and June 4th I plan to work on creating artwork for this to be used for promotional purposes… which right now mostly involves creating character sketches of each of the core player characters from that game.

My initial sketch of Magi Dante Harkadies

So far, I’ve managed to get a good head start on drawing of each of the four PCs, and while my plan was originally to do these in charcoal…

The original charcoal mock-up of St. Frostkiss wound up looking a little “too” much like Solomon Kane for this character… so I scrapped it…

Instead, I decided against charcoal as the base medium and for these drawings, and I wound up instead mostly just sticking to mechanical pencil (with some charcoal just for shading) and being generally pretty happy with the initial results…

Virgil St. Frostkiss, the Inquisitor (voiced by Red Moon Roleplaying’s Craig Austin)
Sir Milton Vespers the Papal Dragonguard (voiced by Red Moon Roleplaying’s Mattiaz Fredriksson)
Magi Dante Harkadies: aka “The Swarmer” (voiced by Red Moon Roleplaying’s Hjalmar Nordén)
Close up of Nix, Dante’s falcon familiar
Lord Finott Pickett, the Occultist (voiced by Adventure Hook’s Aaron Campbell)

They all still need work, obviously… and while I’m still debating also doing a drawing of the druid Brother Markmaple (the “main” NPC I ran for the game) I do definitely plan to go back into each of these drawings and do the gray-scale shadows with various degrees of hard and soft charcoals before finally scanning them into the computer and creating the final black and white (and perhaps eventually full color) versions of each character in the computer.

I’ll then use them all to create promo art for each episode… which means my goal for completing the first one is June 4th… and I have to say I’m actually a little further along than I thought I would be at this point. It might even be achievable…

Regardless, I have enjoyed getting a little old skool this week and just drawing. I can, so I should… or so it has felt lately…

This week also marked the regular release of Adventure Hook’s latest episode… and perhaps some of the ideas dredged up in this installment (namely some lapsed story ideas I’d developed in the past) may have perhaps prompted (magickally speaking) a new opportunity for me…

That is… an opportunity to potentially do some comics writing work has presented itself this week, and while I know it’s way too early to discuss any details, this coming week I definitely have to get a solid list of story pitches together and sent out… maybe even one or two shorts of which I might want to actually try drawing myself… maybe… we’ll see…

Also, it was cool to see my YouTube subscribers have crested 700 this week… so only 300 more to go until I am potentially monetize-able… (emphasis on potentially). Still… at this rate I might actually hit that first coveted YouTube milestone before the end of the year…

And sadly, this week also marked one year since the passing of our beloved cat Grimmy… (see):

Goodbye, Grimmy… Goodbye.

Grimalkin: aka “Grimmy”

Not a single day has gone by since the day we lost him that I haven’t thought about that cat (I can still get emotional about him too), and so this week I was happy to see Jenny even finished up a big embroidery project she’s been working on for a while now in memory of Grimmy.

The initial pattern (with a loooong way to go)
The final Grimmy embroidery

She may turn it into a kind of rustic stuffed animal, or maybe even a pillow or something like it, but either way it’s a great tribute to a wonderful cat…

And perhaps it’s also worth reflecting on everything that’s happened since then. One year ago this week was the launch of Adventure Hook and beginning the collaborative conversations with the Red Moon guys… It’s been a rough year in many ways, but not without its successes, and overall I’m fairly proud of a number of the things I’ve accomplished in that time.

Some advice I received this week was that I needed to celebrate the successes I’ve already achieved before the Universe will send me any new ones… That struck a chord of truth with me, so I’m trying to do just that as honestly as I am able…

I’ve now set myself up for something great… and so now I probably need to figure out how to make sure that I’m properly ready before anything new starts knocking…

And I don’t feel like I even have the first clue…


Sunday 5/26/19-

Sun: Gemini–

Moon: Pisces (50% Waning)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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