For reasons that were beyond my control (and really not worth going into…) this blog has been offline for the past three months…

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…and rather than try to recreate entries for each of the past days I missed, rather I’ll point out a few highlights from the intervening weeks, and go into more details in the days to come until I feel all nice and caught up again…


I’ve been involved in a lot of O.T.O. related conversations, and have spoken with many different members of my Lodge. Some good, some troubling, but none I’ll talk about here. I’ve also finally heard back on some of my ideas related to the Man of Earth duties and goals nationally, and hope to have a call with the Delegates soon. William Blake Lodge also recently held an Open House, and as an officer was part of that as well…

For Jenny’s birthday, we took a trip to New York to see David Icke give his World Wide Wake Up Tour presentation.


It was interesting to hear him speak in person, but the seating accommodations in the venue where the talk took place were so uncomfortable we ended up leaving a bit early and bumming around NYC instead. We knew everything we’d hear that day we’d be able to see online in fairly short order.

We went with a bunch of friends (and made some new ones) to go as “old-skool” camping at we could Greenbriar State Park, which turned out to be a really great experience (even though a park ranger busted us for alcohol like a couple of teenagers).


Anyway… some friends (new and old) among us also expressed an interest in our Temple of the Western Gate group, so they start to receive invites to our gatherings. This occurred on the night of the full moon, so I was sure to do our monthly Abundance renewal before we left. I’ve done that a few times since this blog went down actually…


I’ve also recently been invited to give some talks at the Maryland Theosophical Society on magickal theory and practice. I’m quite honored by this, so I felt it was only prudent to first attend one of their presentations to get a vibe of the place and see what I’d have to work with. I was really impressed. both by the people and particularly the space, which was really beautiful.


I’ll be giving the classes on Jan 22nd and February 26th, and I plan to make the first talk about magick fundamentals and the second about magickal accoutrements. Both should have a ritual element.

After a good deal of searching to even find a part-time job, Jenny (with a little magickal push on her part) ended up getting three different job offers in the same day! She picked the one she liked best, and as of today, since a co-worker gifted her (out of the blue) a handmade pillowcase and scarf (in her favorite colors), she feels confident she’s found the right job for her. This has also allowed me the head-space to throw myself back into my kundalini yoga routine, which I also hope will improve my progress at the chiropractor’s. All is right with the world.


Frater Superabo got married! Jenny and I were touched to have been invited to their very intimate affair (on the Equinox of course, which was mostly family and a few close friends. It was a Thelemic wedding (a first for us) and Richard was even there to perform the ceremony, which was very beautiful.  richardwedding

Good times had by all, and they had quite a Thelemic honeymoon as well…


Frater Superabo’s wedding altar.


I’ve also been toying with resurrecting a bit of my old skool Reliquum game with my old players (who are now all parents, hence not free to game at my pace) through email and occasional dinner meet-ups. I want to eventually enlist their help with the Wiki portions of the RPG, when the time comes for that. We’ve traded a few emails, but I really owe them more.

I also threw myself into some miniature painting a bit…


I’m trying to get figures together that I’ll need when I resurrect my Blackspire game with the B.R.U.W. crew in a few months (that’s the plan anyway).


We’ve also had a fun series of sessions in the B.R.U.W. Forgotten Realms campaign recently as well… Anyway, I still plan to attempt to film the Blackspire sessions and turn it into a web-series, but all that is still hypothetical at this point. I’ve been brainstorming with Aaron a lot lately helping him out with his current Lovecraftian Forgotten Realms game, and I’m hoping he can do the same with me concerning Blackspire. He may even web-conference in and “First Mate” the sessions with me.

Frater Enlil paid us a visit and spent a fun weekend with us during this time. We hung out mostly and talked a thousand subjects, including some Western Gate Stuff. We had him, and a number of other friends attend a Temple of the Western Gate gathering at our home just before Halloween as well. I’d been fortunate enough to run into “The Friend” (the nice lady who’d hosted the Spoon Bending class Jenny and I had attended back in July) during my visit to the Theosophical Society, and as we’d already been planning to do the same thing as part of our event, I invited her to attend, and thankfully she did. We had a great gathering, with some interesting (if unintended side effects) and a lot of bent flat ware.


We plan to try to host these events every few months, and so now the next get-together will be December 17th (Jenny’s intuition picked that day).

Jenny and I celebrated out 7th wedding anniversary, and I celebrated my 38th trip around the sun at the Maryland Renaissance Festival… where I promptly lost my infamous “plague doctor” mask in a crowd of inebriates, never to be recovered… Oh well, I did chance upon an O.T.O. sister at the faire, and was through that encounter able to get another perspective on some Lodge business… mum’s the word on that, though. Karma has a weird balance sometimes…

Plus, (ha-ha) I saw the Bifrost!!! Which I took as a good omen since…


Finally, and most excitingly, Jenny and I spend a week in Iceland for a long-awaited and much needed vacation. Magick is still alive and well in that country, hiding in plain sight, and I’ve never felt a pull to a place quite like I felt when I was there… and we’re already talking about a return trip, and making it a magickal pilgrimage with other magicians. Perhaps that’s how Kevin and my Futhark project will finally manifest.


For me, one of the real highlights of the trip was riding old-blood Norse horses across ancient, elf-haunted, lava fields around ancient markers Viking explorers had left there 1000 years ago. It really took me back in time to that era, and yeah… perhaps I did see something strange out in those moss-covered crags… my horse got spooked at the same time, so who can say?

Well, I can try… but not just yet…


Tuesday 11/22/16-

Sun: Sagittarius-

Moon: Virgo-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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