Well, it’s fair to say I’ve had Blackspire on the brain of late. Lots of stuff to work on still, but it’s all good stuff to work on, though it leaves little time for other things…

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Last week I caught Jim Meyer‘s show at Magooby’s for his album recording. Since Jenny had to work early the next day I went with Gregor (Stormtooth from the Blackspire game) and really enjoyed all the acts (Jim’s in particular). We got the chance to hang out after the taping and talk some gaming. Everyone is still jazzed for us to play again so it’s encouraging.

Additionally, though Jim’s Laughfinder crew has changed the format of their game in their new Season Three to play a different set of characters, they did make some very nice mention again of the miniature work I’d done for them last season and plugged my Blackspire Studios page, which was very nice. It’s about 30 minutes in on this week’s episode.

Season 3 Episode 2 The Shine of the Moon

I continue to plug away at the Pre-Series History, as I realized beyond just being a resource for my players, I can actually record these write-ups one by one, and create more “bonus” content for the eventual podcast/video series. It’s a slog trying to remember all the little details that made the different scenarios interesting or compelling, but then being able to summarize enough so I only include details that matter (or are at least good fodder for gazetteer style material).

Also, I’ve decided to enter this dragon I painted to Reaper Miniature‘s latest contest. It’s 77329: Silver Dragon, but the original commission was for a blue dragon. We’ll see..

I meant to post the image here, but remembered the contest rules require no images be shown on other blogs, etc until the contest is over.

And Jenny and I are seeing VNV Nation‘s (sold out) show tomorrow at the Ottobar which we’re both excited about. It’s the second time we’ve seen them in concert (the first was at the Recher Theater many years ago). If things work out I’ll be able to get a copy of Serial Artist into the hands of VNV’s lyricist.

He’d allowed me to use a quote from one of his songs, and in return he’d asked for a copy of the book when I’d published, but I was never able to get an address to ship it to, so my hope is I can get the copy I’d set aside for him (years ago now) into the hands of someone who can get it into his hands and bring that energy full circle.


Wednesday 9/27/17-

Sun: Libra-

Moon: Capricorn (50% Waxing)

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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