It was a week of some real ups and downs, some great news mingled with some heartache. But I’m trying to stay positive, even about the negative.

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Things with the Adventure Hook podcast continue to develop at a good clip. I finished up my edits on Campaign Talk: The Ills of Illipur – Part 1, which will be our first Patreon-only episode which concerns Aaron‘s ongoing campaign. He and I also recorded our Part 2 to this Campaign Talk, though in truth we could probably get three, or even four episodes out of this talk if we edit it right.

I was also incredibly pleased and humbled to see that there has been a huge spike in views of my Magick 101 videos to well over 2000. I can’t really trace the sudden increase to any particular thing, but I am dangerously close to cresting 100 subscribers. I’d promised to do a viewer requested video if I broke 100 subscribers… I just need a viewer to make an actual request now…

Jenny and I also paid The Friend a visit this week so Jenny could receive insight to her questions of the Akashic Records, and the results were again quite enlightening. Unsurprisingly, Jenny’s results were somewhat unusual, but I couldn’t help but notice a logical overlap with her astrological chart, which of course only makes sense.

The Friend also furnished us with some very thoughtful gifts, including a number of incredibly high end cast iron cookware. We have an awesome covered pot that would be perfect for camping, and I’m particularly excited to use the skillets to finally cook steak perfectly.


But the majority of my time has been spent focusing on The Friend’s painting for her book. Of course, the irony is I’ve spent most of my time working on this, but the project is a secret, so there’s nothing I can share about it here. I’ve had a number of difficulties with this process that makes it slow going, but I feel like I need to finish this up before I’ll feel OK working on something else. I’m excited to get back into Blackspire again, but this is important work.

And finally, Jenny and I received some very sad news this week, which has definitely thrown me off. Our oldest cat Grimmy (short for Grimalkin) turns out to be very sick, and the vet doesn’t think he has much longer. All six of our cats are very precious to us, but Grimmy was my first cat, as he moved in when Jenny did (almost a decade ago). Throughout all my young life I’d been deathly allergic to cats, but Grimmy was a package deal with Jenny, so I just had to suck it up… and miraculously after a few weeks found myself cured.

He’s a very loved cat and a number of our magician friends have all lit candles for him this week. He’ll turn 17 in another month and has had a long and happy life, but he’s irreplaceable… we’ll miss him and never forget him.

Grimmy in a sunbeam


Friday 3/9/18-

Sun: Pisces–

Moon: Sagittarius (50% Waning)

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For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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