Today was a busy day. I’d been waiting for a nice chunk of time I could commit to working on my Fire Wand, and today was it. I have a wooden case that was given to me many years ago by a fellow MICA student (and neighbor) back in 2000 and I plan to refurbish it and use it to carry my magickal weapons to and from rituals.

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However, the original length of the wand is just barely too long to fit in the case, so I started with sawing off a portion of both ends, which is good because I hadn’t cut the angles correctly initially anyway.

My now departed grandfather actually built this table for my mother before I was born, and I’ve been working on it since before I was even a teenager (almost three decades now). Pop-pop was good people, and I like working with his tools whenever possible as I feel a connection with him now I couldn’t really appreciate when I was younger.


Anyway, edges of the wand cut, then it was out with the Dremel and a sanding tool attachment to start smoothing down the roughest edges.I really want to stay with the natural curve of the wood as I do this.


I want to keep the rough, natural texture on the wand’s top and bottom, and highlight the shape of the wood’s curves via a flat cross-section on the sides of the wand.


Then it was elbow grease time, and using sandpaper, sanding blocks, a plane, a knife, and metal files and rasps (those were also my grandfather’s) I started to really get the sides and corners of the wand nice and smooth.


The burn marks from the initial Dremel cut I will sand down, but I don’t actually want to remove them completely, I also need to sand down the rough bottom a bit so I can grip it without fear of splinters, but the texture is like waves of crackling energy and I want to keep as much of that as possible.  I think you can start to appreciate the shape of the wand now, how it’s both wavy and twisting around on itself.


I know the gods kissed this piece of wood with lightning, the shape itself screams to be made into a wand, and even more so, it seems like many of the places the wood was cracking was actually to reveal the shape that I’ve now freed.

Then it was on to making the hole to attach the wand head. I want the wand to be disassemble-able, and indeed customizable with different heads if necessary. I have strong magnets I want to use, but I’ll also want additional support beyond the magnetic pull, so I drilled three holes in which will fit three copper nails. These will surround the magnet, and be cast together inside the orgonite piece which will serve as the Fire Wand’s headpiece.


I then mixed up some epoxy and glued the nails to it to ensure the nails would keep the same alignment that I’d drilled into the wand. I am not a robot, but I have become fairly good at compensating my crafting project to account for my imperfections in measurement. My old drill used to have levels on the top and side, but that burned out, and while I like my new recharable one, levels it does not have, so I ended up eyeballing the angles of the holes.


A second magnet will be glued into the head of the wand, with a metal nail beneath it which I’ll be “connecting” down the center shaft to a ladder of other copper nails which will run clockwise all the way up the side of the wand (like a caduceus).

But first I need to drill the hole for the magnet out, with very little margin for error, so I think I’ll tackle that tomorrow.


Saturday 5/28/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Aquarius-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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