Energetically speaking, lots of very old ways are ending and quite a few new things are all beginning today, and I’m really seeing signs of that all over…

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To start with, I’m very pleased to announce (at long last) my graphic novel Serial Artist: Deluxe Edition is finally now also available on the ComiXology platform. Oddly this has been a long time coming (and resisted for reasons that now aren’t worth going into) but for my little graphic novel that seemed to never really get its fair shake to be discovered, at least now can finally have a place where sequential art loving people have a chance to find it.

Sink or swim, love it or hate it, in this venue Serial Artist can finally be “cast in amber” and set on the shelf for all time.

Buy now on comiXology!

Today marks the second New Moon in the month, and as Joe from PlanetsWithin.Com said last week … New Moons are pivotal to controlling which direction things take. There’s lifetimes of “old” we need to finally leave behind, but who knows, maybe the Full Disclosure episode of Adventure Hook finally going live can be a form of contribution in that direction.

Aaron and I also managed to get Episode 30 of Adventure Hook recorded this week, and this time we finally rolled a submission from a long time supporter of the show which I was happy about. Not only that, as a teacher this person ended up inspiring (I felt) one of the most interesting topics of the show… and was one of the reasons we endeavored to make the content of this episode All Ages appropriate. Perhaps one day it’ll be played in a classroom.

While it’s his turn to edit the episode, I still took my usual stab at the promo design for the episode. Maybe not my best one, but for the episode we recorded, I think it works…

This week also marked the release of the third Blackspire Season 2 teaser to try to get folks excited about the Patreon-only content (and also wanting to contribute towards it). The most exciting of these so far actually comes out next week (the juicy $10 level Pt 2 preview of Season 2 – Side Sessions: Reservations at Mynphauna’s Reserve) but that also means I need to edit together a few more teasers to cover August, as well as record some new stuff for Patreon.

Jenny and I still have plenty to do with her character, and soon I hope to get the first brainstorming session with our newest Player Character in the can soon too.

Still in preparation I’ve begun to assemble new custom miniatures for both these characters, which include some very special conversions that to speak of would risk spoiling what is not yet truly canon (yet) but maybe you can get a clue from the pics below.

I feel like we need to discuss the aesthetics of these characters a bit more before really getting into their paint jobs anyway, but I like my head start…

We’ve also got another White Hydra session scheduled in two weeks, and I’m also planning to do a stand alone side session for both St. Jezebel and the vampire Solina very soon as well (all good fodder for higher level Patreon stuff). All these characters are in serious need of some form of resolution/closure… but right now I don’t have any kind of big plan mapped out for what to really do with any of them… “yet” anyway…

Right now I’m feeling like I may give myself over the the spirit of improvisation for all these sessions… though it couldn’t hurt to do a wee bit more planning, and still let myself keep things loose when we actually play.

This month downloads of both the Blackspire and Adventure Hook podcasts where almost twice June’s (which again were higher than any month’s previous) and we surely have the attention of partnering up with Red Moon Roleplaying has gotten us to thank for it. So, it was also nice to hear myself discussed a bit in their most recent of Patreon-exclusive episode Ask for the Moon 30: The BELLS!, where they not only talked about the Baator & Back series, but plugged my YouTube Channel as well.

This week, both my YouTube subscribers and my Twitter followers crested 777 (and I’ve been stuck on level 777 of Candy Crush today as well) and I also put the final brushstrokes on my latest commission piece today… a religious painting of the Crucifixion which I began working on on 7/7.

A good day for completions all around I’d say.

I don’t actually have to hand the piece off until next month, which is good as I’m definitely going to want to take some better photos of it, but I also figured out how to create a slideshow in WordPress (finally!!!) so feel like I’m no longer cluttering up these blog posts with a lot of successive images, and I can include more as a result.

I’m also quite grateful for all the new work that’s come in recently (including a new day job) and yet even another new opportunity came in this week. I dare not risk saying too much, but let’s just say I’ve got a shot at writing a short 6-10 page sequential art story that’s needed for a holiday edition at the end of the year.

But first I’ve got to get a proposal together by the end of the week, and to do that I first need a really good idea. Jenny definitely agrees I should probably make the story revolve around the Yule Lads (an awesome bit of folklore we first encountered during our trip to Iceland a few years ago). See:

The Magickal Mundanity of Iceland

The Mundane Magick of Iceland

So, I’ve been doing a bunch of research into the folklore and its origins, and while I’m certainly going to be taking liberties with the source material somewhere, here are the ideas I got so far:

  • The dutiful youngest son of an Icelandic shepherd (perhaps in the vicinity of Dimmuborgir) earnestly tried to “crack the code” and make sure he has provided all the right treats on all the right nights for each of the 13 Yule Lads, and thus earn presents in his shoe each time one visits his home. However, the boy’s parents eventually end up thwarting his “wasting” of food, and so the remaining (jealous) trolls wind up extracting their treats from the rest of his family (enter Meat-Hook) and dragging the rest back to their mother Gryla to become part of her stew. The boy is spared until the Christmas Cat appears, and because his mother died before she could give him the new mittens she’d knitted him he is devoured. Or maybe the night before Door-Sniffer gave the boy a gristly wolf-head cap as a reward for remembering he likes leaf bread (laufabrauð) and he is spared instead…
  • In the year 1000 AD Iceland officially converted to Christianity (though pagans could still practice in secret), and so December of that year was the last real Yule and/or the first true Christmas depending on how you look at it. Gryla (who is also mentioned in the Poetic Eddas) somehow senses this energetic shift and sends her troll sons out to investigate, and punish Christians and pagans who hid their faith alike. Each son’s idiosyncrasies is revealed/unleashed in various horrific ways upon the local farmsteads, while those who make offerings to placate them receive eerie gifts instead in mockery of the Christian faith. Thus we see the horrific origins of the folklore given hideous birth. Ultimately many years later, pius King Christian VI of Norway even outlawed parents from using stories of the Yule Lads to terrify their children… I feel like that should maybe tie in somehow.
  • A Beowulf-like take where pagan and Christian warriors alike assemble during Yuletide to do some troll-hunting… and one by bloody one wind up easy prey for the Yule Lads instead. Maybe there’s even a way to thread this idea back into either of the above… if I was really smart I could find a way to shuffle all three together (though in 6-10 pages, maybe not).

I’ve still got a day or two to ruminate on it, but hopefully there’s a seed of something good in the above ideas somewhere…

But finally (and most overtly) today’s new moon was also host to another mass mediation of the 144K group, and for me it was yet another energetic milestone… and while in many ways it was the most powerful experience of doing these yet, macro-cosmically speaking… I also felt some real Higher Self integration may have taken place for me personally as well.

All signs were pointing to today being a “big one” and so to back up this mass meditation operation I put together a quick bit of candle magick, marked it with my Full Disclosure sigil and anointed it with for a plethora of different oils whose energies I felt were needed on today’s “battlefield”…

…and fired ‘er up.

May what I’ve contributed be of service to all who would find it.


Wednesday 7/31/19-

Sun: Leo–

Moon: Leo (NEW)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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