As promised, this evening Jenny and I did our “co-candle” operation. We decided that the evening would be the best time to try it, and so once the hour of Jupiter rolled around again we were ready to go.

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We began by each taking notes while discussing our ideal outcomes that we wanted the other to cast for. We tried to articulate as many key details and emotional states as possible, and from those notes each drafted the Statement of Intent that would best incorporate those concepts.

Usually a Statement of Intent is written in graphite (lead) on brown paper and placed beneath the candle, but in this case I thought we’d try an experiment, and made simple cardboard bases that the Statement could be written beneath. The cardboard would catch any un-destroyed wax, and then the entire thing could be buried once the candle is consumed. We each did this, but additionally we each went on to sigilize that same Statement and then inscribed it in gold on the side of our respective candles… and a healthy application of Road Opener oil (applied top-to-bottom). Super-gluing some thumbtacks together supplied the supports to attach the candles to the cardboard almost without difficulty (nothing a lighter couldn’t fix…)


Magick Jupiter Candles

Jenny made a playlist of (“her idea”) of upbeat music from YouTube for the charging portion of the operation. We kept our focus of form and force for a fair fifteen minutes, and then switched over to our Adiemus channel on Pandora for the trancing out to the candle flame cool-down period.

Though I did my own warm up before we even started, all in all we were done inside half an hour, but already Jenny reported feeling a shift, so we’ll see what comes of it. She’d also been looking into different sorts of Tarot spreads for her own divination purposes, and did a reading for me with a new five-card “Embracing Change” configuration she’s been playing with.

She had some insights and advice for me re: what to do/be aware of as far as her casting for me, and I will try to follow her advice as humbly as I can.The actual spread I’d rather not discuss, but here are her notes for laying out (and considering) the results.


Mada Babalonda’s notes re: Embracing Change 5-card Tarot Spread


I really do think there’s something to the idea of when you really really want to cast for something you’ll have a lot of trouble “setting and forgetting” the trick is to swap services with another magician who wants your success, but isn’t constantly emotionally invested in it.

I suppose as always, success shall be our proof…


Thursday 7/28/16-

Sun: Leo-

Moon: Gemini-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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