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Easing Eras to an End

Adventure Hook Ep 42: Planar Intrusions went live on Patreon this week. It was another good show, with its own share of weird, esoteric elements and more than a few nods to the Lovecraftian and the wider Dungeons & Dragons Planescape setting (as well as our own concepts on the Secret Math to tie it all together).


(Social) Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder…

It’s pretty incredible how much the world can change in just a month. Last full moon I was all talk of restaurants and getting together with different groups of friends for moreRead More…


Nothing is More Infectious than Fear…

Ho…lee… crap..! I know I said that with the Spring Equinox things can really start over fresh… but I definitely wasn’t imagining these sort of societal shifts brought on by the CoronavirusRead More…


Mercury Retrograding All Over the Place…

So, it appears that this particular Mercury Retrograde hit people a little harder than “usual”. I know myself, my wife Jenny, and quite a few of our friends have all felt theRead More…


A Fast-Filling Dance Card

With the full moon upon us I performed the monthly Abundance ritual, and reflecting on the previous months and the busy schedule for the month ahead we certainly maintain an Abundance ofRead More…


Foresight is 2020

It was nice to get back into the swing of things after the holidays, as Aaron and I recorded the next episode of Adventure Hook just before the New Year clicked over. This wound up being Episode 38: The Strange Folk, and not only have I also already knocked out the edits (and accompanying show notes) for that episode, but I even mocked up a promo for it I’m actually somewhat pleased with.


Holiday for the Holidays

This hook was originally provided by our good friend Hjalmar Nordén of Red Moon Roleplaying, and we used it to compare Lovecraftian horror with the realities of climate change, which then became the springboard to discuss the concepts of Solarpunk (as well as the magickal Holy Hexagram).


Take THAT Decade!

It’s now been over seven years since I began to take my study of the occult “seriously” (and over four since starting this blog) and while the thought of recapping highlights from the past year (let alone the last decade) seems absolutely laborious to me, at least I can say that I feel like I’ve pretty successfully quit tobacco, and at this point even the thought of smoking a cigarette makes me feel a little queasy…


Depth of My Prep

I’ve busied myself this week in preparation for the next two Blackspire games I’ll be running/recording in the next few days. One scenario will use a custom game mechanic I’ve been playing around with to “render” and populate random city streets with obstacles and undead baddies…


Blackspire Season 0: To Baator and Back #7: The Stepping Stones of Good Intentions

In the final installment of this classic Planescape adventure, our characters face a series of terrifying challenges, each more horrific than the last… all in the desperate hope that they might finally escape from the plane of Baator and perhaps even one day to find a portal that will eventually lead them back to their home world. But, how many more of their dwindling numbers will the Nine Hells ultimately claim before they even have a prayer of safely setting foot upon the streets of Sigil: the City of Doors…?