Items and objects created for magickal purposes and empowered by the magician’s intentions.


By the Blackest Moon

I’m very pleased to announce (at long last) my graphic novel Serial Artist is finally now also available on the ComiXology platform. Sink or swim, love it or hate it, in this venue Serial Artist can finally be “cast in amber” and set on the shelf for all time.


The Intensity of this Density

Have you noticed anything different? The sun seems a little brighter maybe. Time seems a little faster. Some things that were hard seem easier… other things that used to be easy nowRead More…


Stars Are Aligning

My oh my do things appear to be in motion. In fact things are all gearing up for some kind of major change in the coming week. And that’s not just theRead More…


Wrapping Up the Holidays Nicely (Pun Intended…)

Yikes… is that 2019 around the corner already? Where did this year go? It’s been an eventful one for certain, and one I’m not quite done with (or maybe it’s not quiteRead More…


Opportune New Moon

It has been an interesting week of firsts, and in my own head at least I’m starting to see where threads of fate are pulling tighter to reveal how a lot ofRead More…



Is it bad to say I’m a little surprised at myself that I was able to pull something half-successful off? For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages…Read More…


All is Right with the World

Things seem to have settled down somewhat, and I’ve been able to give some focus back to working on the Pre-Series History write-up for the Blackspire campaign. For my disclosure on thisRead More…


Wringing in the New Year

Yikes… so 2016 didn’t seem to want to let go without leaving some claw marks. Mix in Mercury retrograde, and both my wife and I had some severe year-end shake-ups… For myRead More…


Foraging for Stones

I don’t have a ton to report today, but since I’ve had orgonite on the brain lately I decided to hit the occult shop after chiropractor today. For my disclosure on thisRead More…


Recharging to Charge Up

After the last of last night’s guests went home this morning, Jenny and I spent a nice quiet day recuperating from yesterday’s ritual. For my disclosure on this or any of myRead More…