Magickal operations utilizing more than one practitioner, as well as information related to magickal orders, such as Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) of which I am a member.


Solar Eclipse (of the Heart) of Late

It’s not that the focus of my work these days isn’t still fun… or even comic or gaming-related… but my day job in that industry aside, I’ve also been hard at work over these last few weeks focusing on my Murder Mystery Matrix RPG which has since totally taken on a life of its own and evolved into something… complex…


Easing Eras to an End

Adventure Hook Ep 42: Planar Intrusions went live on Patreon this week. It was another good show, with its own share of weird, esoteric elements and more than a few nods to the Lovecraftian and the wider Dungeons & Dragons Planescape setting (as well as our own concepts on the Secret Math to tie it all together).


(Social) Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder…

It’s pretty incredible how much the world can change in just a month. Last full moon I was all talk of restaurants and getting together with different groups of friends for moreRead More…


Dawn of the Age of Aquarius

A friend of Jenny and myself has expressed some concern that some rather serious negative entity attention might become directed at her or her home. Based on a few of the more eerie testimonials she’s shared it’s a concern that likely warranted, and so Jenny and I hit the local occult shop (Turning Wheel) and put together a little care package for her…


Blackspire Season 2: Teaser #14 (S02T14)

TEASER #14: Please enjoy PART 1 of some excerpts from the Patreon-exclusive episodes: Gone Fishin’: Parts 1 – 4. After the epic assassination attempt of the beholder Count Zarathusa, the White Hydra Mercenaries scramble to keep their very lives… and still try to turn a profit in the bargain… Plus: enjoy a brief Blackspire ecology lesson on the nature of consciousness as it relates to petrification.


Blackspire Season 2: Teaser #13 (S02T13)

TEASER #13: Please enjoy some excerpts from the Patreon-exclusive episode: Akihoshi & Golemoro. Dig even deeper into the background and motivations of our kitsune sorceress (as well as her oracular father), as well as their familial crossover with Golemoro’s household. Plus… learn where Akihoshi’s actually been all during Season 1!


What Can I Put Behind Me..?

I don’t know if the timing is auspicious, or just ironic, as I crested my 1000th subscriber this week, and so now that channel is (or was) officially monetized so to speak… I don’t know what that actually means at all… if anything… but it feels like a milestone that I’ve finally passed…


Blackspire Season 0: To Baator and Back #7: The Stepping Stones of Good Intentions

In the final installment of this classic Planescape adventure, our characters face a series of terrifying challenges, each more horrific than the last… all in the desperate hope that they might finally escape from the plane of Baator and perhaps even one day to find a portal that will eventually lead them back to their home world. But, how many more of their dwindling numbers will the Nine Hells ultimately claim before they even have a prayer of safely setting foot upon the streets of Sigil: the City of Doors…?


Blackspire Season 0: To Baator and Back #6: The Sins of the Father and his Prodigal Son…

In the penultimate installment of this classic Planescape adventure, our characters set forth with the new knowledge that they have obtained concerning the method and means to finally facilitate their escape from the dreaded plane of Baator. But… will they be able to find their way safely along the river Styx, or will the horrific denizens of the Nine Hells prove to be their final undoing?


Blackspire Season 0: To Baator and Back #5: The Divine Tragedy… or the Infernal Comedy

In the fifth installment of this classic Planescape adventure, our characters must traverse the hellish plane of Baator to find (and then barter for) the keys to their escape from the fabled Pillar of Skulls… though how could they ever hope to trust something actually comprised of the souls of dead sages who in life had lied for a living?