Magickal operations utilizing more than one practitioner, as well as information related to magickal orders, such as Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) of which I am a member.


This Astral Life

I’ve been corresponding a bit with O.T.O. sister Soror Sekhmet about her artwork, and I’ve offered to give her a few pointers when we get together with her and Butterfly down atRead More…


Magickal Group Work

So, last night’s group ritual get together was very interesting. Aside from just enjoying the company of other magicians, we were able to generate some very interesting energy doing group work. ForRead More…


Abundance Operation – Day 4

Today I’ve been quite focused on getting my magickal implements completed (specifically the Dagger and Cup). When I started my practice years ago, I figured the weapons are all astral anyway, soRead More…