The techniques of giving instructions directly to the unconscious mind as well as NLP = Neural Linguistic Programming. Trance is a common state of mind useful for both Hypnosis as well as many common magickal or meditation practices, such as opening the Third Eye.


By the Blackest Moon

I’m very pleased to announce (at long last) my graphic novel Serial Artist is finally now also available on the ComiXology platform. Sink or swim, love it or hate it, in this venue Serial Artist can finally be “cast in amber” and set on the shelf for all time.


Equinox Opportunity Employer

It is the first day of the Astrological/Zodiacal new year, the Vernal Equinox, and we kick this cycle off with it being on a Full Moon. No doubt today (and the remainingRead More…


Better Than I Could Have EVER Planned!

It was a humbling experience to have once again given a lecture at the Theosophical Society in Maryland, which my wife Jenny has declared to be my best one thus far… andRead More…


Lecturing Myself

So this week snuck up on me fast… I’ve basically just been focused (physically, mentally, and spiritually) on preparation for my upcoming lecture at the Theosophical Society in Maryland this coming weekend.Read More…


Solidly Sketchy

This week was sort of a nice change of pace as I sorta got back to my old MICA Illustration roots (as well as my comic ones, I guess) and amidst someRead More…


Less Than Soon New Moon

So… once again for reasons well beyond my control, I lost access to this blog site and it was down for a couple of months. I tried to find the lessons inherentRead More…


The Silence Treatment

So… apologies for the long silence, but I was growing weary of “talking ahead of myself” and resolved to hold off on any new posts until I had something complete to talkRead More…


Opportune New Moon

It has been an interesting week of firsts, and in my own head at least I’m starting to see where threads of fate are pulling tighter to reveal how a lot ofRead More…


Aquarian Shuffle

So, we’ve settled on a date for the next Temple of the Western Gate gathering, which will be February 25th (the day before my second lecture to the Theosophical Society in MarylandRead More…


Wringing in the New Year

Yikes… so 2016 didn’t seem to want to let go without leaving some claw marks. Mix in Mercury retrograde, and both my wife and I had some severe year-end shake-ups… For myRead More…