Music is literally audible emotion, and when harnessed can be a completely transforming experience… ideal for magickal purposes. And in this case subject to my tastes, which you may or may not share.


Slightly Ahead by Kicking Behind

So… I really put my nose to the metal pedal grindstone and got a lot accomplished this week. For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visitRead More…


Restarts in Parts

Ugh… I know I’m way behind on getting a post up. My excuses bore me, so I’m sure they’d bore you… I’ll just try to get caught up. For my disclosure onRead More…


A Plethora of Qabbalah

Today was a long day at Lodge doing Lodge stuff. Jenny stayed home which was just as well as the day kicked off with our monthly (generally a bit dry) business meeting.Read More…