Today was a scheduled clean-up day at William Blake Lodge. As I’ve felt very sensitive to needing to keep the scales energetically even as far as the ritual performance two weeks ago is concerned, it seemed only proper that I be there.

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In truth, besides the Body Master and the newly appointed Temple Steward, I was the only other person who showed up today to volunteer. In a way that was just fine by me. I really got into it and cleaned, cleared, de-cluttered, and organized the entire temple space, as well as some of the back room stuff.

We’d actually eaten in this room, so I was also sure to clear off the entire floor and give it a good corner-to-corner mopping. It looks a lot different with its “skirt hiked up”.


Not exciting news for sure, but it seemed like a good (karmic) use of a few hours this afternoon. It also gave the Body Master and I a chance to talk Lodge stuff (plenty that’s none of your business) but I had the chance to float a few things past her I’d wanted to discuss with her, and also got her excited endorsement to investigate something I’ve recently felt moved to look into on behalf of WBL.

With the momentum of the ritual behind me, I feel like this thing is part of that same current, but I don’t want to trip of the Rhythm of this thing.

Speaking of though, out of curiosity I took a look at the Honey Jar and found it interesting to see the honey now had vastly separated (my jar at home looks nothing like it) and bits of the herbs look to be floating in the solution. Not saying “magick” but it looks cool.

Also, the gold paint on the lid looks to have twisted up and peeled away in various places. Weird, I don’t know why it’s happening now and not before. Not saying “magick” (though the Body Master did…) but it looks odd.

Plus, right after I’d picked it up then put it back down, it suddenly felt like it was hard to breathe and I had to cough a few times to even get a word out, and it was a minute or two before I felt better. I’ve felt that choking sensation before when my throat chakra was particularly blocked and Jenny was doing reiki on me to unblock it.

Maybe it was a warning not to disturb the jar again, maybe it was a reminder to “Keep Silent” (i.e. “Set It & Forget It), or maybe I should have taken the hint and shouldn’t even be writing about the experience at all… but whatever it was, when I picked the jar up today, I felt a powerful jolt of a “whomp” of energy shoot down my arm like I can’t really describe. It’s hours later and I can still kind of feel a tingle in the arm I picked it up with.

And that part, yes, I am saying is magick.


Infinite Fraternal Success


Saturday 7/2/16-

Sun: Cancer-

Moon: Gemini-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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