At their own steady pace, things continue to progress in their own small ways, along the trajectories I’d envisioned, and have begun to manifest in much the ways I’d hoped… so far, so good, so let’s get to it…

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Episode 4 of Adventure Hook went live on Patreon this week and will be live in the main stream next week. While I don’t feel personally it was our best show, the one just after it, Episode 5 might be our strongest, so I think we’ve got the beginnings of a very strong season overall.

I’d also done some mock ups/teasers for the episodes as I’d done for the past ones, and so hopefully they’ll be handy when it comes time to promote.

Adventure Hook Episode 4: The Unprovisioned Town

Adventure Hook Episode 5: The Mysterious Item

Adventure Hook Episode 6: The Assassination Target

I even mocked up one for Episode 6, which Aaron and I only recorded yesterday. I still have to do the edits on that one, but it was a pretty solid episode as well. Additionally we recorded our next installment of Legend Lore, which will likely end up being the Ills of Illipur Part 6. We went long as usual, but I think we ended up brainstorming some pretty decent stuff for Aaron to use in his game tomorrow.

On the Blackspire front, Season 1: Episode 3 went live this week as well, and that kicks off the “A Rolling Stone Gathers Momentum” story line. This is the episode where we start to utilize the Snoball mic (going forward) and there is definitely an improvement to the overall sound quality. It’s still a slow start, but I feel confident eventually our content will start to “rise to the surface”…

I’ve got the final edits up through Season 1: Episode 7 already in the can, which means schedule-wise I’m solid currently through mid-August. I also went ahead and posted the two Season 0 Side Sessions (Episodes 3 & 4) which covered the background brainstorming sessions we did concerning Jolly Paul. These are $10 level Patreon exclusives, which someone someday will actually listen to…

I also put together a list of new voice-overs that Jim could record for me for use in future Seasons 0 & 1 stuff. We’re also trying to figure out when we can schedule our next Blackspire gaming session… though I’m already so far ahead, I should probably focus on editing what I’ve got raw already before biting off (“creating”) more content than I already can chew, so to speak…

I was also pleased to see that my backing for the latest Dwarven Forge Kickstarter finally arrived this week. I only backed the most basic set up (Zaltar’s Gameroom), but I figured even back in July of 2017 that eventually I’d be able to use it for Blackspire, even though I was nowhere close to launch back then.

Dwarven Forge: Dungeon of Doom

Naturally I ordered the unpainted version, but I think I may even use this “Dungeon of Doom” on the Melaria and El’Il adventure I plan to run next month when our friend Rob comes up to visit and attend our BBQ (so I’ll need to paint them before then). I also plan to brainstorm up an episode of Legend Lore with Aaron around it as well, and I’ll try to figure out a way to incorporate the LED features into the scenario somehow… as they are particularly cool…

Additionally, I’ve been in talks with the gents over at Red Moon Roleplaying (who I’m personally a big fan of their work) to discuss the possibility of me running a game for them at some point on their stream. While I’d prefer to have our session be Blackspire related, their focus is on running published modules as a way to introduce new listeners to the game and serve a resources of how to approach said story. They mentioned wanted to do something set in the D&D Planescape setting, which of course is one near and dear to my heart, so while of course we still have lots to hash out, it’s sounding like we might be able to collaborate together on a project we’re all quite excited about.

We’ll have to see, but fingers crossed. Nothing will likely develop significantly on this front for a few months yet, but irons in the fire, this should prove to be a great opportunity down the line to create some new Blackspire listeners.

I also continue to work on my PC character sketches for my Blackspire group. This week I’ve been working on my Solina drawing, and still have others to do before I’ve done them all… and even then I still need to scan them all into the computer, clean them all up, and then, oh yeah, paint them all (or at least give them a comics-style coloring). Still, it’ll be worth it (one, it’s been fun) as I’m sure some really solid, high quality art will turn more potential fans’ heads, plus I’m hoping having something like this for their characters will also encourage my players to help “in character” with the solical media push aspects of our “marketing initiative”…

Ugh… I hate that part of it…

But also, I’ve noticed another spike in my YouTube viewership. I just hit 250 subscribers today, and my initial Magick 101 video is just a few shy of 5500 views. Part 2 has over 1300, and Part 3 over 700, so at least some people are getting through them (and hopefully getting something out of them).

Viewers have still not requested the special video topic I said I’d do at 100 Subscribers, but that’s fine. Some are reaching out directly even (which I direct to my “Poor Man’s” Services) but I suppose eventually I gotta do that, plus think about the Theosophical Society again… and you know, more magick in general.

But on that note, our good friend Frater Superabo gave a yoga class this past Sunday at Sanctuary Bodyworks down in Fells Point. I showed up to help film the actual class for his YouTube Channel eventually, and Jenny cam to actually take the class. She, and the rest of his students reported a very positive experience, and I personally appreciated his approach of combining magickal intention with the work of yoga to manifest results as one goes. He essentially works an astral sigil charging right into the meditative portion of his routine, which I think could be something that could catch on in the esoteric community.

Hopefully he turns it into something, but for now I think he’s just focused on his certifications…

And out of the blue, we got a mysterious tax refund from the State of Maryland that we weren’t expecting… the Abundance ritual continues to pay dividends, and with the full moon next week it’s time for a recharge, as well as a chance to formally remember Grimmy once more.

And the Summer Solstice is tomorrow… hard to believe it’s been two years since we all performed my elaborate ritual at William Blake Lodge… that magick operation ended up changing everything for me and everyone who was there that day. In my mind all for the better, but damn if parts of that change weren’t more than a little extreme for some… Kinda a scorched earth policy, and that which wasn’t cleansed, was destroyed…

But… then, just as much as now, collaboration is always the key to my success… and right now (generally speaking) things seems to be clicking where and how they should, and there’s nowhere to go from here but up.

Here we go. Here I come.


Wednesday 6/20/18-

Sun: Gemini–

Moon: Libra (50% Waxing)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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