Monomyth: A Magickal Meditation Game on the Hero’s Journey is a little project I’ve been working on since Wimsaur Madivhan first inspired the idea of a storytelling game based on the Tarot, and I shared my own discover that the Hero’s Journey follows the order of the Zodiac which I thought would be an interesting framework, and from there the basis of the game was set. Monomyth is collective storytelling game based on the concepts of the Hero’s Journey popularized by the late great Joseph Campbell. I’ve added a bit more nuance by incorporating other versions of the Monomyth concepts into the “board”, as well having the progression of the major story landmarks follow the order of the Zodiac, and the “twists and turns” off the “base 12” having Elemental or Planetary deviations. It’s designed to be played with any deck of cards you like… and each deck variation should definitely lend its own flavor, which ought to be fresh and fun each time. Creative players could even tell the story of four warring factions with just a deck of normal playing cards, but I definitely feel the Tarot yields much better results for the purpose of the game.


  • Prototype: see Pre-Live Blog Monday 10/5/15
  • Though still in the development stage, here’s my sketch for the layout of the game board. You can see the attributions of the Zodiac, Planets, and Elements, as well as the (up to) 12 Labors on the Road of Trials.