The Reliquum is an RPG that I’ve been working on for almost two decades, and could in many ways be considered my life’s work (or perhaps even my Great Work).

Escataust Star

RELIQUUM: The Escataust Star

I have many reasons to keep up certain veils of secrecy about this project (not the least of which is I’m not able to implement its next stage yet). The material I’ve created in all the time I’ve spent on this project would require its own site (and one day it will have it) but for now I’ll just whet your whistle with my master plan for my magnum opus.

The plan is eventually to create a digital platform designed for use in a traditional tabletop role-playing, interactive story-telling game. Rather than players using a pen & paper to track their character’s info, I envision phones, tablets, and laptops to stand in for that (all synced to their GM’s cloud), and while I certainly think the game needs a video chat function for non-local friends (and other GMs’ groups) to play together, I still think the game should preferably be played in person in a group around a table or living room. So the Reliquum “app” does all the best parts of a video game, and can keep track of every player and opponents’ various attributes and variables without slowing down actual game play so a human can do a whole bunch of math. It also allows me to introduce far more variables into the game mechanics than it would be reasonable to ask a player to keep track of in a pen & paper setting (including tracking a character’s emotional state and its physical/mental/spiritual effects on game play, which I don’t think anyone’s tried to do before either). Also, sometime the best role-playing experiences are ones where players are not aware of the meta-game factors that go into the decisions they’re making, and instead just behave like “people”. The digital framework also allows the GM to introduce factors into the game to affect outcomes, but which his players are not aware of, like Astrological energies… and also you get instant calculations (which the GM received the results of private, and can adjust outcomes where necessary before dispensing results). The other side of it is, beyond a unique but simple game mechanic system, the history of the game world, as well a hundreds of characters will be available for GMs to use and dispense in a sort of Wiki format.

Now, magickally speaking, the 10 Gods figures of the Reliquum pantheon also have Qabalistic attributes, but also understand, there a myths and legends that would come to me about these gods five, ten, sometimes fifteen years ago, I’d later find reflected comfortably (if not eerily) into magickal correspondences I found and continue to find in the course of my research. Were my gods (that in some ways I’d inherited) “real” and if so did they pick me out for something? We’re those energies already there, and I just put my own masks on them? That feels more likely, but as I’ve always strived to create masks as universal and accessible (read: cool) as possible, seems like it’s worked itself out. My hope is the later will allow the philosophic systems woven into the fabric of the game to work just as well (if not better) for the consciousness of our average modern human than most of what anyone else is offering. It’s more of a re-synthesized religion, with ten different flavors of enlightenment (that are all really one) designed to teach you magickal thinking and help you develop the tools to find and do your own True Will.

As Terry Pratchett once said:

Fantasy is an exercise bicycle for the mind. It might not take you anywhere, but it tones up the muscles that can. 

Of course, I could be wrong...
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