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Science Fiction




In a futuristic world a corporation by the name of Liquidation Technologies has developed a technique where people can sell off years of their life expectancy in exchange for credits equivalent to having worked that amount of time at a mid-ranged salaried job. The corporation in turn sells that same life to the wealthy elite so that they can live longer. In the midst of this we join an amnesiac man who has the ironic talent of eidetic memory. He learns that his memory loss is the result of having his “life force” jacked using black market techniques and subsequently finds himself pursued by special corporate espionage agents who want him for some unknown purpose. He also discovers that he possesses skill sets to rival any trained Special Forces infiltrator, skills also displayed by the people pursuing him. In the process of retracing the steps of his forgotten life he becomes embroiled in a conspiracy that reaches to the highest echelons of the world’s corporate, political, and religious hierarchies.

*** A full treatment for this story, as well as the opening chapter’s script, is complete and available for review.


Feudal Efforts


A dishonored daimyo from feudal Japan is reincarnated in the late 21st century along with his sworn samurai and retainers who committed seppuku upon his death. He awakens to the memories of his past life and begins to build a corporation (a hi-tech weapons manufacturer) using the code of Bushido and ruthless feudal techniques as his business model. Then using Tibetan Buddhist methodology, one by one he searches out the reincarnated souls of his former servants, including samurai swordsmen, ninja assassins, geisha mistresses, and even monk fortune tellers; awakens them to their former lives and incorporates them into his company in an effort to reclaim his old holdings. Mimicking the corporate culture of Japanese employees’ commitment to their employer, the Samurai CEO begins to build an army of workers and soldiers, honor bound and loyal to the death to their lord. Failing in their jobs actually reflects on their personal honor, and in some cases ritual suicide is required. In some ways rebelling against and some ways embracing this modern (cyber-punkish) society, the former daimyo learns his purpose is to restore the honor of his family which has fallen into ruin, as his distant descendant is now a powerful member of a Yakuza crime syndicate (and possibly the reincarnation of his only son???). Can 15th century techniques win out against 21st century practices?



The Azimuth Circle


Far, far in the future a powerful corporation has mastered the technology of time travel, and has reversed engineered history to suit their designs (and our world and its history is the result).  Among many other plots, they host a cross-temporal contest of deadly tag (think Battle Royale, but across time and space) when contestants from all throughout history (and the future) are pitted against one another in a last-man-standing duel to the death. Our main character is taken under the wing of a former contestant and learns the ropes and “hot spots” of the loose knit community of rogue time travelers with the ultimate goal of bringing down the Azimuth Circle and freeing both the past and the future. Basically this is a medium to tackle all those questions about time travel that make people’s heads hurt, as well as go into a lot of the theories behind it. This story would have lots of fun with paradox and the overall weirdness that would erupt from time travel.


War of the Old Worlds


H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds scenario occurs where the entire earth is invaded by a vastly technologically superior alien species, but instead the twentieth century, it occurs in the 1500s AD. At first the aliens are perceived as some sort of supernatural threat (demons, dragons, oni, etc) and not until long after society crumbles does man learns the invaders’ might is technological. Men like Leonardo Da Vinci and Tokugawa Ieyasu lead a worldwide rebellion as Knights, Samurai, Janissaries, Incans, Native Americans, and all mankind bands together to fight a foe that may outgun them, but certainly doesn’t outnumber them (and in some cases their lack of technology is an advantage). The virulent pathogens of the early Renaissance play a role in the ultimate defeat of the alien oppressors, but only once they are understood and then weaponized by the rebels. Overcoming their differences, in the end this leads to a unification of all men and religions and new faiths and nationalities emerge from the smoke and rubble of a new world. This would be a fun challenge to deal with how the medieval mind might try to explain and then fight alien technology.



The Impending Transmission


In the near future a man finds way to send a message back in time to warn mankind of a catastrophe that cannot be prevented, but needs drastic measures to be taken to prepare for it, lest all mankind be wiped out. These transmissions cause a great deal of controversy, ultimately dividing mankind between believers and non-believers. But in almost no time at all, certain “predictions” made in the transmissions start to occur. Eventually the same man (a militant survivalist) who sent the message from the future is found in the present and many accuse him of faking the transmission. Can he unravel the clues of the message and the events they relate to and lead mankind to the future as the countdown to doomsday ticks away? And will he responsibly use the new power he now wields as a veritable cult of followers will now obey his every suggestion?





Overnight, every person on the planet suddenly changes ethnicity. The process seems completely random, and on top of that, new previously unseen ethnicities develop. How will mankind, with his inherent need to be able to categorize, cope with these sudden changes? And does human nature take over and declare a new master race? All these issues and more are tackled by a newly created special arm of the UN who seeks to keep order in a newly chaotic world.



Freezes the Blood


A murderer can freeze time and act while the world stands still – and he uses it to create the perfect alibi for his crimes. For example he can freeze time mid conversation go commit murder and come back, never missing a moment. However, he must deal with issues of kinetic energy on “frozen” objects and leaving a trail of things that “move”. The police detective pursuing him must prove the murderer’s abilities while still keeping his identity secret from him (and will have a few close calls and some “warnings” sent when he notices things have “moved”). Eventually the detective manages to out the killer’s identity, but how does he catch him? Does all the murderer have left to do is to continue to freeze time until he dies of old age?





In the far flung future where mankind has colonized the stars, there is a planet where class separation is less about wealth, but by the “haves” and “have not’s” of technology. The upper class hordes technology and their space faring, teleportation, cybernetics, and incredibly advanced genetics are seen as supernatural for the low tech almost medieval “peasants” who have their own internal strata, and see their masters as angelic benefactors or demonic overlords. We follow the exploits of a technology thief who steals and tries to understand the overlords “magic devices” in the hopes of bettering the lower classes. Ultimately this sparks a rebellious war of the classes, but what dangers exist for those who possess technological wonders far beyond their understanding?





First through the Wall When the Revolution Comes


Set in a world where superheroes originally fought for truth and justice, but eventually began to believe that that “might makes right” and decided to take over the world. Now these superhuman men and women rule over a modern feudal society, and war with one another. In parts of the world, some super-villains rule as tyrants and warlords, and others have “reformed” and take on the roles of more dubious defenders – though many of the superheroes aren’t much better (displaying an over inflated self-righteous sense of justice, and entitlement). Along comes a super-villain from an alternate Earth who is brought to this world and becomes an underground revolutionary hero against these corrupt governments (think Cobra Commander, but with super powers). Can the ultimate anti-hero win out against those who have set aside their heroism?



The Forgotten-Men


Man’s modern society is thrown into utter chaos as mythological monsters and magical threats suddenly return from the past and begin to plague mankind. The world’s only hope is in the Forgotten-Men, a band of super powered heroes from man’s lost civilizations that emerge from hiding to halt the tide of destruction. Hailing from such mythic places as Thule, Hyperborea, Avalon, Atlantis, El Dorado, Lemuria, Mu, Shangri-La, and Agartha they must find the balance between theosophy and modernism if there is to be any hope for mankind’s future.





The Princess of Doorways

Done in the style of a classic fairy tale, this story concerns a mysterious artist who arrives at a royal palace and offers to create magical works of art. He creates trompe l’oeil murals of such detail and wondrous design that it seems almost as if he has created doors into other worlds. Indeed, the castle goers eventually learn that at certain times during the night, these doors can be passed through and the magical worlds beyond entered. Painted to best suit the needs of the viewer, these places offer realms of peace, beauty, and wonderment… and some souvenirs can even be brought back from those places to the real world. And so the greedy king orders the magician to paint rooms full of treasures and other delights to slake his gluttonous desires. At first the magician agrees, but when he refuses later, even more extravagant, orders the king has him thrown in the dungeon (which he promptly escapes by drawing himself an exit). Out of revenge, the wizard returns and secretly paints gateways to monstrous places and the dark creatures that dwell there begin to emerge and plague the castle. A brave young princess, who had nothing but love for the wizard and his magical creations, must brave the dangers of the dark realms (accompanied by her friend, the stable boy) and confront the magician to save her people.

*** A full outline for this story is complete and available for review.



The Faithless Pilgrim


A dark fantasy tale set on an island kingdom ruled from the shadows by a group of anonymous wizards called the Hidden Masters. An ambitious monk learns the identity of one of these wizard-lords and blackmails his way into an apprenticeship of magical study, the pursuit of which he shows a great promise in. He learns many of his master’s secrets, including the bizarre truth behind the religion of his nation, the real extent of his masters’ powers, and the truth of his bizarre abilities. Eventually his discoveries lead him to be cast out and turned over to the church on the grounds of heresy, upon which he gets embroiled with a doomsday cult (The Order of the Coming Flame) at war with the Hidden Masters, and escapes them both to seek his way in the world beyond his nation’s borders. His adventures are just beginning.



The Chalice


The Chalice is the Cup of Life which grants immortality to those who drink from it. For centuries it has been the central device which perpetuates a secret society of the same name, a group whose sole purpose is to keep the world grounded in a sense of reality. The Chalice Society therefore fights against all elements of chaos and senseless destruction, particularly supernatural ones. This means The Chalice Society has over the years made themselves the allies and enemies both of vampires, monsters, demons, sorcerers, and even various political and religious institutions throughout the world. Though they themselves utilize supernatural powers, their goal is to keep the people of earth safe from the supernatural, and hence to keep it a secret from them. They have agents in various aspects of society (governments, churches, etc.) and have been responsible for steering the history of the world since the Crusades when The Chalice Society was first formed by a group of Knights Templar. Throughout the years, many agents from many time periods have been recruited into The Chalice Society and many survive to this day as the immortality granted by drinking from the Chalice can only be taken by certain supernatural means. Then suddenly the Chalice suffers a great number of mysterious losses among its ranks, and the ranking field agent (Sir) Leopold is forced to quickly recruit a number of new agents into The Chalice Society. A group of people from all walks of life are contacted and tested to see who will be worthy of the gift of immortality in service to the Chalice, and who will not survive the training (decisions fans can perhaps make via online voting???). Can they learn the identity of their attackers before their new gift of immortality is cut dreadfully short?



Fiat Tenebras


In a strange world (a Hollow Earth scenario) that darkly mirrors our own version of the 1930’s & 40’s, the most precious substance in the world is Vril, the energy of the earth that is harnessed to power the planet’s “diesel-punk” technology. Science and mysticism have developed side by side and the gods of this world are dedicated to scientific ideologies (gods of Magnetism, Inertia, Internal Combustion, DNA, etc). Throughout the world’s nations, holy orders of science seek to maintain the balance of the natural, the magical, and the technological, and their nations’ cybernetically enhanced techno-knights give their lives in its defense. But a new power has emerged, and a fascist empire has arisen which seeks occult and forbidden means to “mine” and harness the world’s Vril for their own needs – a goal that threatens to snuff out the light of the world. A vastly sweeping epic, the story will focus on numerous key political and military characters from the myriad sides of the emerging conflicts, and will take the reader from the dawn of war to its final bloody resolution.





Serial Artist


In this story, a painter takes the likenesses of missing persons and paints portraits of them as if they have been gruesomely murdered. He claims to be a serial killer and dares the world to solve his crimes, a challenge that captures the imagination of the nation. He even goes so far as to brag that he has hidden clues to solving the murders in his works and understandably the sales of his paintings begin to make him both infamously popular and quite wealthy. His work and his public persona become more and more brazen until the time comes when one of his “victims” (a high profile missing persons case) turns out to be the actual victim of a real serial killer who pins the murder on the artist. Can the man who became drunk on his hype exonerate himself (and does he even want to)? And will that leave the killer free to kill again? Ultimately will he have to become what he pretends to be?




Sturm und Blut  or Wohlgeöffnete Abgrund (Watchful Abyss)


During WWII a hand-picked group of SS soldiers are assigned specifically to hunt vampires, many of which are found among the Jewish, Gypsy, and Russian communities. Loyalty and morality go head to head and we must ask ourselves, “Can we sympathize with the monsters who hunt monsters?”



Death is Stronger than Love


Two young lovers make a suicide pact, but at the last minute one of them doesn’t go through with it. After many years the survivor has moved on with their life but the entire time their dead lover is waiting for them on the other side. Strange occurrences begin to happen in their life and in the lives of their new family. Is the vengeful ghost trying to sabotage their life? The new family must band together to survive the most dangerous of ex-lovers. Is a pact made in such circumstances an inescapable promise?



Doppelganger House


In a strange tenement complex, time begins to run out of sync… trapping all the residents in some sort of moebius loop. Tenants cross paths with one another on different timelines, sometimes hours, days, or even years out of sync. Different floors seem to speed up or slow down at times, and tenants find that occasionally they even cross paths with themselves. One group of residents must band together to solve the mysterious riddles of the house, and the spooky elements that begin to surface… namely the ghostly people who dwell on the other side of the mirrors. The group begins to use the powers of the house to their advantage, traveling back in time to fix mistakes, teaming up with alternate versions of themselves from the future, and even “resurrecting” their dead loved ones. Future aspects impart on them cryptic warnings of a doom that is set to befall them all. Can they survive the house long enough to break the paradox effect before time finally catches up with them all?



Historical Fiction


The Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon


My own From Hell style story that will analyze the historical accounts and myths surrounding the fall of the Knights Templar, and draw my own conclusions (I blame Philip IV, but I digress). It will also expound on many of the interesting myths and legends of the order (Holy Grail, foundation of the Free Masons, etc.) and likely end up being pretty educational for other conspiracy theory nuts like me.



Tepeş (pronounced TSE-pesh)


Between his 2nd and 3rd reigns as Prince of Wallachia, Vlad the Impaler was a prisoner of the Hungarian court. During that time he converted from Orthodox Christianity to Catholicism so he could marry into the Corvinius family. This story will revolve around the relationship between Vlad Tepeş and the fictional Benedictine monk Brother Petra who has been assigned by the Hungarian king to be Dracula’s confessor. Using those confessions as a vehicle of the story, the reader will learn the detailed history of the infamous reign of Vlad the Impaler and take us from flashbacks to the “real time” events of his third reign, and how he met his end on the battlefield at the swords and arrows of Turkish invaders. Though there will certainly be references to Dracula’s “vampiric” nature, in truth the actual story of the man’s life was far more fascinating that any of Bram Stoker’s imaginings.

*** Dr. Raymond T. McNally (foremost authority on the subject) has served as a consultant on much of the research for this project.



Religious/Philosophical Drama




“Every city is a labyrinth, and every labyrinth has a Minotaur”

Sort of my magnum opus, this story revolves around the life of a hip, urban, modern day prophet who (in the near future) re-infuses a sense of spirituality and philosophy into the modern day “McCulture”. He’s sort of part poet, part philosopher, part revolutionary, part prophet, part underground celebrity, who is “spiritual without being religious” – touting only faith in something, self-actualization, and strength of the individual will. His life will mimic that of Christ’s without running the risk of being preachy or self-righteous. It will build up a real mythology of the character (a living saint one might say). The book will be full of quotes from followers, interviews, and “holy books” associated with him.   His legend grew in his own lifetime, and after his highly sensationalized death in sort of a part documentary, part flashback/media-skewed (sometimes commercially homogenized/filtered) format, recounts of his famous/infamous exploits are told to us the reader from those people who knew him in his lifetime, It’ll be interspersed with fictional newspaper/magazine clippings, police reports, news reel stills, etc. to make the whole thing take on a life of its own. He gathered “disciples” of a sort to him (really more of a posse from various backgrounds/subcultures), and one of them of course was the “Judas” who sold out the prophet out to the Feds, who wanted him for a number of serious (albeit “trumped-up”) charges. The “dying for our sins” spin is that this man of will in the end did that one thing for us we wish we could do, but lack the strength – a martyr for the masses. In a very real sense he was the “Anti-Christ” in that he sought to rescue mankind from the grip of religion’s oppressive possession of the hearts and minds of its followers. In the end was he just a madman? Was he legit? Were his ideas worthy? We leave it to the viewer to decide. This will be chock full of my speculative futurist musings, satire of the consumer driven lifestyle of Western culture, and real philosophical ideas accessible to our modern mindset.



Wag the God


After the losing the election to the third consecutive liberal president, certain members of the conservative right concoct a scheme to win back the hearts and minds of their former constituents… through fear. Using paid actors, various media outlets, Hollywood special effects, and the endorsement of charismatic religious leaders, they fake the Second Coming of Christ. Religious terror grips the nation as many believe the Apocalypse is at hand. But can the conspirators keep the ruse going long enough to gain 51% of the voter support come November?



Gog the Bounty Hunter & the Ragnarök Conspiracy

“Hellboy meets Lobo with some Death Jr. thrown in for good measure…”

A demonic bounty hunter who hunts down and returns souls that have escaped from Hell is mysteriously hired by angels to retrieve a soul who has escaped from Heaven… and doesn’t want to go back? And what does all this crap have to do with the blonde-hair, blue-eyed ghost of Adolf Hitler’s scheme for the armies of Valhalla?



Short Story (Anthologies or One Shots)


The Router, the Sum, and the Holy Codes


A futurist messianic tale. An android messiah develops new form of binary language, enlightening machines into true self awareness (not pre-programmed AI), essentially giving them souls. Frightened humans rivet him to an I-beam and he deactivates. In three days he reboots, but as a living AI code and joins with the programming of all intelligent machinery. A true Deux ex Machina. A Solid State Singularity. This story touches on the repetitive theme of the crucified savior throughout many religions.



Rime of the Modern Mariner


Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s classic ballad of the doomed sailor told in modern times through the eyes of an Alaskan Crab Fisherman. Yes, I would write all new poetry to go along with it.



Know Thyself


On the street a man sees someone who looks just like him. An obsession builds and he is convinced that one day soon he will become a time traveler. Is he crazy? Have a lost twin? Right?



Average Lives


The 80/20 rule persists throughout life. 80% of business comes from 20% of the accounts. 80% of complaints come from 20% of the people. 80% of the work is done by 20% of the employees. In the future the Earth governments issue a challenge. All people must increase their productivity up to the 50% profile (and beat the curve) or they will be drafted into an interstellar war. We follow the exploits of a very average person who is right in the gray zone.