Lately my mind has felt all over the place. Scattered. Cluttered. Unfocused. Even downright negative at times, particularly when it comes to past “accomplishments”. Which is why I’ve been grateful for so many opportunities this week to get my own stupid ego out of the way and be of service to others for a bit.

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Fitting perhaps, as astrologically speaking we are going through an intense period of serious influence (and I don’t mean that entirely poetically) as there’s a number of conjunctions happening in Capricorn today at the same time a lunar eclipse occurred. This presents the opportunity to really smash down old entrenched paradigms, but like any energetic configuration, it can always manifest at a higher or lower “octave” and the forces at hand in the coming days are ones that practitioners of every stripe are sure to be trying to take advantage of.

Hence why there are so many mass meditations going on this weekend, but more on that in a bit…

Now, for reasons that don’t bear going into (and for no other reason than I don’t want to give it undue attention) a friend of Jenny and myself has expressed some concern that some rather serious negative entity attention might become directed at her or her home. Based on a few of the more eerie testimonials she’s shared it’s a concern that likely warranted, and so Jenny and I hit the local occult shop (Turning Wheel) and put together a little care package for her, including some holy water, purifying oil, Pure Home (Limpia Casa) incense, a few protective crystals (including some labradorite), and some sigilized candles we’d prepared, along with its own stand that we also marked with the same sigil (designed to purify and protect her home).

The sigil was designed with her in mind, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use it yourself to consecrate your own space as holy ground. I even picked up a new piece of ruby at Turning Wheel which I used for an extra bit of charging (though it not resides comfortably on my altar atop my earth jar).

I really love when the (holy) hexagram reveals itself in natural (especially crystalline) structures and so when I saw this stone while we were shopping around for elements for the care package I was sure to snatch it up too.

We even brought Brother Enlil along on our magickal excursion, as he was up for a few days visit, as he too is undergoing a major, and quite painful paradigm shift of his own. His rough patch echoes similar things I hear from other friends, and indeed the friend who even encouraged me to start this blog way back in 2015 seems to have at long last (like just today even) have also finally shattered through similar problems I remember her having from all the way back then as well.

It was however, a fine excuse to do some above average cooking that week, including an amazing venison stew, and some pretty tasty gyros, but the highlight was probably the roasted leg of lamb we made with the spice blend our friend brought us back from her trip to Morocco (and a lot of honey) inspired by this Chef John recipe.

In all honesty though, I think our roast looks even better than his…

We have made plenty of delicious dishes over the year, but this lamb was downright epic.

After a very long ten minutes of resting (on her new cutting board), I cut Jenny the inaugural slice of that caramelized beauty and upon tasting it she did a little happy dance and said “I can’t believe that came out of our oven”… which is probably the best compliment it could have received.

My dearly departed grandfather always loved lamb (which is probably why I always loved it too) and I think he would have been really pleased with this one… served up with the last of the mint jelly I found on the door of the fridge.

I had to delay the next Blackspire session as week, as I’ve been trying to get all the prep work for it finished, but haven’t gotten it where I want it yet. That ended up working just fine, as one of my players ended up needing to work this weekend anyway, so even though I’ve got a session for Jen and Jenny scheduled (as well as needed to side session with Jenny more first) I’ll still be more ready next week than I am right now.

This week marks another fun teaser releasing, but I’ve only got another two weeks now, and I’ll have to have created and posted more teasers by then.

I have more material for that, and even a few raw cuts I also need to get wrapped up in the next few weeks, but I feel like while I still have the window I want to focus on generating and capturing more content first. Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll finally have enough raw material to put together the edits that will make up the first produced Blackspire: Season Two episodes which comprise the “Mystery of the Missing Moon Elf” story line.

We’ll see.

Because despite all that, I really tried to give this week over to more magickal pursuits.

Also Frater Xavier posted a new group sigil experiment this week that I also sent my 2 MP to (haha) that I’ll be curious to see if it ever manifests (and if so if he’ll reveal it) but hopefully the group sigil I did for my Magick 202 starts to show similar results…

As the sigil I made the focus of that operation was much the very same focus (tangentially, if not directly) of the mass meditations taking place during these strong astrological aspects…

In a way I’ve been preparing all week for it, even being a little better about doing my yoga… especially 4th chakra work, which I find is is the most challenging exercise of the seven I do (for a number of reasons, but mostly physical). I needed to get my energy up, but also keep my energetic shields up while at the same time doing some camouflage work as well as trying out some integration too (why not?). And of course, the lunar eclipse also meant today was the full moon, so I also was sure to also do our monthly Abundance ritual as well (after a pretty robust Middle Pillar to give it more “oomph”) but even that would up being more of a mindset towards Planetary Abundance…

Oddly, the Abundance candle I’d prepared this month seemed to “bleed” gold

And while I usually don’t discuss these kinds of details on this blog, before the big meditation today I ended up performing what may have been my most potent LBRP ritual to date, as when I finished I feel the room grow cool and calm in what seemed like a tangible way…

Maybe I went a little on the intense side, but the stakes seem too high to risk bringing anything less than my full strength to bear… doubly so as I’d allowed family drama to distract me from participating in last month’s operation. Brother Enlil also participated from his home in Virginia, and at the risk of sounding optimistic I think Friday’s operation achieved what it sought to accomplish and then some (hence the title of this post). But that’s just one of three the 144K group is doing, I’ll be participating in ones on Saturday and Sunday too.

I know, intense, right? Told you the stakes were high… too high to risk anything less than our full collective capacity. May it be at least 144,000+ this time!


Friday 1/10/2020-

Sun: Capricorn–

Moon: Cancer (Full)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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