So, I was quite pleased indeed to hear from my old friend the Knight of Cups today. We had a chance to catch up a bit, and while it too early to say anything at this point, I did feel like the potential for one or more new publishing ventures is an actual possibility for me now.

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Believe me… I hate having to be so vague about this stuff and tip-toe around the names, companies, and projects I’m discussing. I will come clean as soon as it is appropriate, but dare not risk saying a single detail prematurely. I did share with him this blog’s Pitch List though, so maybe something else totally new will pique his interest as well.

Jenny and I also had the pleasure to host one of the newly elected Man of Earth Delegates who was in town for business and wanted to meet in person. We has her over for dinner this evening, and ordered some tandoori assortments from the best Indian delivery place we’ve ever had. It was a hit as always.


Kathmandu Kitchen

We talked for a few hours, much of it about my recent set of suggestions and proposals for reorganizing communication across the network of Moe-Representatives, Delegates, and Officers. We seem to be of like mind on a number of things, and my hope is the other three delegates, after discussing with her, will start to move on some of my proposals.

I was also able to discuss some of the troubling and quite sensitive Lodge issues that have come up recently (and some less recently). She is well versed both in O.T.O. policy, but also with some of the specific issues we ourselves suffer from. I have layers and layers of reasons not to discuss any more details than that, but I was quite grateful to commiserate with a fellow MoE-R on some topics I honestly had no one else I could discuss fully with. She also furnished me with some solid advice that I’ll be sure to follow up on.

She’d been my strongest recommendation for female MoE-D candidate this past election cycle, and I’m quite pleased to see that it turns out that she was definitely the right person for the job.


Wednesday 8/17/16-

Sun: Leo-

Moon: Aquarius-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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