So, here’s a weird one for you… Jenny and I decided to make tonight a “date night” and we both wanted to go out for dinner. As we left the house, I found a lottery ticket lying on the sidewalk right directly in front of the house. With Abundance on the brain of late, I noticed it right away…

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A discarded lottery ticket is not the weirdest thing to find on the ground surely, but nonetheless I picked it up and checked the date which was July 8th: two days ago. I was certain it wasn’t a winner, but it still represents a little shard of someone’s money, hope, or even desperation… and Jenny made a reference to Derren Brown’s documentary The Secret of Luck, and that the key to success is recognizing and seizing on opportunities when they arise. So… I shrugged, stuck the ticket in my back pocket and promptly forgot about it.

We headed over to The Avenue in White Marsh and popped in to Red Brick Station, which as luck would have it was 1/2 price burger night. So, two delicious burgers and a few pints of hard cider later, we headed over to A.C. Moore to get some craft supplies. Turns out both the local Michael’s and Jo-Ann Fabrics didn’t have the stuff Jenny needed to finish her most recent Ariadnae’s Thread commission, but luckily A.C. Moore did, and so she veritably cleaned out their inventory of the stuff she needed. Lately, I’ve been struggling with some of the over-arching game mechanics of the Monomyth game, but I know “tokens” are a key, so I picked up four bags of glass beads (yellow, red, blue, and green naturally) and a new 0 detail brush for miniature painting. Then back home…

But, sure enough though, eventual curiosity led me to check the winning numbers of the lottery ticket I found. For your edification, I’ve circled the pertinent data on the ticket…


photographed on my bookshelf so you see I have this actual ticket…

Now, of course the ticket wasn’t an actual winner. It could be lost, but no one tosses a winning ticket on purpose, and sure enough, the Midday numbers drawn on July 8th were 673, not the 216 that’s on this ticket. However… today is July 11th and in a weird bit of synchronicity, 216 is the winning number for the Midday pick today. Check it yourself, you’ll see that 7/11/16’s Pick 3 is 216.

So… what does this all mean? The Universe sends us a lottery with the winning numbers of the day it’s delivered on… but the ticket itself is technically “worthless” because it’s for the wrong day’s drawing. I can’t help but feel like there’s some big metaphor here (and not one I’m sure I like). Maybe something about how “Luck is worthless without Timing (Rhythm)”, but I simply cannot ignore the coincidence here, so I’m still taking this as a blessing and figure the ticket still may hold some sort of talismanic attribute I can capitalize on (somehow).

AP Lewis had mentioned yesterday of having fairly good luck at casinos with a gri-gri bag he made, so long as he offers the first night’s winnings of each new establishment he visits to the bag. Not unlike my Earth Jar arrangement, I noted, and Jenny suggested maybe making my own gri-gri bag and adding this ticket to it.

If I end up doing that I will. For now I’ve just stuck it beneath my Honey Jar as that seems as good a place for it as any to store it for now.

But, weird one, huh..?


Monday 7/11/16-

Sun: Cancer-

Moon: Libra-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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